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The main creator of "eight and a half seconds hero" appeared in the main melody of sports spirit of

On June 16, Cui Zhijia, the director of the film eight and a half seconds hero, appeared in the night of the Shanghai International Film Festival with the main creators, and released the latest film flowers on the spot《 Eight and a half seconds hero is jointly produced by Erdong film and Jiaxi culture, starring Zhai Yujia, Mao Xiaohui, Zhang Guoqiang, Li Kunying and Wang Zichen. It tells the story of Sui Yi, the hero of "joining the army for love", who has grown into an iron soldier challenging the world's "King of war" after being honed by the army and won glory for the motherland.

This year coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China. The seventh world military games will also be held in Wuhan in the second half of the year. The film eight and a half seconds hero not only continues the main melody style of war wolf, operation Red Sea and other works, but also integrates the sports spirit into it and transmits the positive energy of the society.

In order to ensure that the film can truly show the army's training life, the crew had taken pictures in Yunnan and Panzhihua and conducted centralized training for the actors. In the gags, we can also see the actors' hard training scenes such as triathlon, carrying tires and anti log in the mud and playground. The whole crew is rigorous and serious, and the attitude of wholeheartedly pursuing film quality also makes people look forward to the film.

At present, the film eight and a half seconds hero is still in the post production stage. I hope the film can meet the audience as soon as possible.