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Zhang Zifeng's summer fresh business "goodbye, youth" meeting to share stubborn youth

Recently, during the Shanghai International Film Festival, actor Zhang Zifeng was invited to attend the 2019 earth night and the "extraordinary roadshow" of the film "goodbye, youth". He appeared in two different shapes: a cowboy strap skirt and an orange stitched dress. He was young, flexible and fresh.

Summer belongs to the youth and graduation season. Dreams and a new future also start in summer. As Li Fei's first meeting with the audience this summer, Zhang Zifeng also shared with you the mental journey of Li Fei's persistent pursuit of dreams. Coerced by the torrent of the times, Li Fei and her partners run hand in hand on the road of youth, help and accompany each other, remain stubborn and persistent in the face of cruel reality, and jointly interpret this most 'stubborn' youth film.

When it comes to casting, the director said that when the script was formed at the beginning, everyone agreed that Zhang Zifeng was the best candidate for the heroine 'Li Fei'. Her calm and quiet tranquility coincided with the 'Li Fei' in the film.

In addition to meeting the audience with the film, as the Youth Ambassador of L'Oreal brand in Paris, Zhang Zifeng also attended the L'Oreal 'girls' bathroom' experience store recently. A pure white dress meets pink romance, displays the sweet feeling of young girls, and enjoys a refreshing summer without fear of heat.