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Top "super show 7S" ignites Jakarta“ "Korean emperor" super junior deserves it!

Top 'supershow7s' ignites the night in Jakarta.

At 6:30 p.m. (local time) on June 15, superjunior held an upgraded solo concert of "supershow7" in icehall5 6, Jakarta, Indonesia, which received a warm response.

On the same day, superjunior not only sang the popular songs "sorry, sorry", "mamacita" and "BONAMANA", but also showed a wonderful personal stage. Little sang "Mary me", Heechul performed the drum show, Shiyuan sang "must you", Shiyuan sang "octoberrain", Li Xu sang "drunkin the morning", and superjunior-d e performed "oppa, oppa" and "can you feel it?" A total of 23 songs. The public performance of about 2 hours and 30 minutes composed of colorful collective stage, team and individual stage made the audience crazy.

In particular, during the premiere, Indonesian national singer Rossa was surprised to appear on the stage, and sang the lyric masterpiece tegar published in 1999 together with members Yisheng and Li Xu, showing a fantastic stage of cooperation. In addition, Rossa also brought a fast-paced personal stage of pudar to attract the attention of the audience.

In addition, superjunior made a public performance and said, 'I had a very happy time with you today. Everyone's warm cheers full of love are engraved in our hearts. " At the same time, it mentioned the full body activities in the second half of the year, 'after returning to Korea, we plan to prepare the new album of superjunior and' supershow8 '. We will meet you with higher quality albums and styles. Please wait a little longer and give more support. "

In addition, the local fans who sang along with superjunior in Korean throughout the premiere showed their eternal love for superjunior through hand cards printed with the words "always around".

In addition, superjunior's unique premiere brand 'SUPERSHOW' has attracted more than 2 million viewers in more than 20 regions all over the world since its opening in February 2008, and continues to be popular all over the world.