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Yi Gaiqian Xi steps on Zhou Dongyu's skirt, Xu Dongdong's switching reaction is real, Tong Liya hold

Last night, the microblog movie night came again. Artists from all walks of life rushed to the film festival. Some were dusty, some were frank and lovely, and stars with different personalities came one after another, turning this starry night into a grand art party;

Among them, the appearances of popular stars such as Yi Gai Qianxi, Zhou Dongyu, Xu Dongdong, Tong Liya and Yue Yunpeng were full of sprouts, and passers-by sighed: what lovely actors are these!

Yi Gai Qianxi steps on Zhou Dongyu's skirt

Yi Gai Qianxi, who walked on the red carpet with girls for the first time, appeared on the microblog film night with Zhou Dongyu and the crew with the new film young you. That night, Yi Gai Qianxi, who was wearing a black-and-white striped suit, just stood in a good position and accidentally stepped on Zhou Dongyu's skirt when moving;

So he bowed his head and quietly stepped back. Zhou Dongyu was wearing a pink strapless dress. After feeling that the skirt was stepped on, he looked at the small steps of Yi Shuai Qianxi, and then moved out of the side by tacit understanding. The fans were adored by their own CP feeling and joked: We Qianxi used to walk on the red carpet with boys, and now even jio is nervous!

Xu Dongdong picks up bags to expose the attribute of 'female man'

Xu Dongdong's appearance on the microblog film night this year can be called 'amazing'. She changed her elegant and graceful style in the past. This time, she appeared in a light pink gauze fairy skirt, with full temperament, revealing two white arms and sexy breasts, and the air bangs deepened the sense of girls;

However, after standing on the red carpet, she accidentally dropped her handbag when she was being photographed by the media. Xu Dongdong subconsciously bent down to pick up her handbag and didn't forget to pat the dust. When she straightened up, she completely lost the carefully created image of a lady. It seems that the label "female man" can't be taken down, and she is not careful enough. The small problems of taking care of the front and the back have also been exposed, However, it was also commented by passers-by: the response was good, fast and very real;

Tong Liya holds Yue Yunpeng's face

Tong Liya and Yue Yunpeng, who took part in the microblog film night with the new work rat bile hero, opened the 'funny mode' when walking on the red carpet with the crew. They inexplicably poked the netizen's cute point. That night, Tong Liya wore a rose powder bra dress and short black hair, which not only had characteristics, but also more in line with her sweet and generous temperament;

The two people on the red carpet look like a 'henpecked' match. Tong Liya puts her right hand on Yue Yunpeng's chin, and the imperial sister is full of momentum. Xiao Yue smiles and pretends to obey. They have a cute feeling brought by 'poor appearance'. After cooperation, they are more tacit and intimate, and people look forward to the release of the new film.