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Gentle and elegant inherited the predecessor "Oriental beauty" fashion bilingual host into a persona

The bilingual host was gentle and elegant. He made great achievements in his career in 2018. At the beginning of the year, the official announced his marriage. He gradually returned after giving birth to a daughter a few days ago, became active in the public eye again, and shared the secrets of the English test for the majority of college entrance examination candidates on his microblog. Gentle, elegant and confident temperament and friendly smile shape its unique charm. As the representative of the well-known bilingual female host in China, Wenya has been active on the international stage. When it comes to hosts, the first impression to the public is that they need to integrate knowledge, affinity, quickness, control and humor. They should not only think quickly, but also control the whole audience with wisdom to deal with all emergencies. A good host can well guide the atmosphere of the whole event. On this basis, bilingual hosts should have excellent English strength and comprehensive knowledge, and cover a wide range of culture and politics. Most domestic hostesses are well-known by the public with the image of intellectual elegance. Beauty and wisdom are their commonness. Leaders like Yang Lan and Xu Gehui are also the goal of gentle efforts.

Yang Lan's father was a professor at Beijing Institute of foreign studies. She was influenced by her father's language education since childhood. From 1980 to 1986, she studied in the middle school affiliated to Beijing Institute of technology. From 1986 to 1990, she studied in the English Department of the English School of Beijing Foreign Studies University and received a bachelor's degree in British and American language and literature. In the same year, Yang Lan became a female host of the program Zhengda variety on CCTV, In 1994, he won the "golden microphone Award" of China's first TV program host. In 1994, she gave up hosting the popular Zhengda variety and went to Columbia University's School of international and public affairs to major in international media. After that, he joined Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV and created the first in-depth high-end interview program "interview with Yang Lan" of Chinese TV. As of 2014, he has visited more than 700 people around the world and has a high reputation among Chinese audiences around the world.

Xu Gehui was admitted to the primary school affiliated to Beijing Foreign Studies University in the second grade of primary school, and then entered the middle school affiliated to Beijing Foreign Studies University. Later, he was escorted to the English Department of Beijing Foreign Studies University. In May 1991, he won the first place in the youth amateur hosting competition of CCTV, and has been involved in the field of television since then. From 1991 to 1995, he worked for CCTV and presided over various types of fixed columns, large-scale special programs and parties. In 1994, he was rated as the top ten most popular hosts in China. In 1996, he left CCTV to join Hong Kong Phoenix Satellite TV. He has won the gold award of the top ten TV program hosts in the Chinese television industry, '2005 China's most valuable host', 'audience's favorite TV host' award, 2008 (second) Huading 'best performance female host of China's news programs' and other awards.

As the representative of the young bilingual female host, Wenya also has an excellent resume similar to that of her predecessors. Wenya has studied in a bilingual school since childhood and in a foreign language school affiliated to Guangdong University of Foreign Studies in high school. She has won the opportunity to study in Cambridge and Oxford by virtue of her first grade oral English test, And with the third grade in the country, he was admitted to the English broadcasting and hosting major of Zhongchuan. Wen Ya was once known as the leader of well-known domestic TV stations such as Xingguang satellite TV and Zhejiang satellite TV. In 2017, she signed a contract with NBC and became the host of e Channel Asia under NBC. She is also the only Chinese host selected by the channel. Thus, he started his own international hosting trip. In 2018, the gentle career was comprehensively advanced. As the host of e channel under NBC, he presided over international film festivals, fashion weeks and other activities for many times. Including the special edition of Hollywood people's Choice Award, the special edition of Kardashian family, and so on, they went deep into New York Fashion week. They not only presided over the special edition of New York Fashion Week, but also were invited by many brands to watch the show. From the host's identity to the sense of fashion, they also became the first person to preside over the fashion bilingual conference. They have high international recognition and have also become the Royal host of the Chinese Conference of Hollywood films. Wenya has been taking a low-key and humble attitude, taking the predecessors in the hosting industry as the benchmark, constantly improving herself and blooming on every international stage. We look forward to Wenya's early return after childbirth and offering more wonderful hosts.