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Huang Shichao's "secret love for orange born in Huainan" starts tonight. The character falls into an

The online drama "secret love for orange born in Huainan", adapted from the original novel of the same name in Chang'an in August, will be broadcast on Tencent video from 8:00 tonight. The original author Chang'an in August personally acted as the screenwriter of the online drama version of "secretly falling in love with orange and living in Huainan". The powerful actors Zhu yanmanzi, Zhao shunran and Huang Shichao joined in and acted. I believe they can live up to the expectations of the original party.

"Secret love for orange born in Huainan" starts from an unknown secret love. Luo Zhi has been secretly in love with Sheng Huainan since middle school until the real intersection between the two talents in college. In addition to the two, there are various characters in the play. Many emotional entanglements extend, and the plot progresses layer by layer. It analyzes the emotional process of young people in their youth to the audience.

Huang Shichao, an artist under Erdong stars, plays Luo Zhi's cousin Luoyang in the play. What will happen to his two feelings in the play is also one of the concerns of the fans of the original work.

Huang Shichao had wonderful performances in many film and television dramas, such as "here comes Shanshan", "why Sheng Xiaomo", "love's crab encounter", "a sword in the sky", "Shushan Zhanji 2 stepping on the fire song", which were deeply loved by fans. The performance in the new play "secret love orange born in Huainan" is also full of curiosity.

Starting from 8:00 tonight (June 10), Tencent video "secret love orange born in Huainan" will update 2 episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 20:00. Members can watch the content for one week in advance. Please pay attention!