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Who has the most fans( Graphic)

The film "chasing the Dragon 2", which was released nationwide on June 6, was directed by Wang Jing. The film gathered four Hong Kong Film emperor level actors, Liang Jiahui, Gu Tianle, Ren Dahua and Lin Jiadong. The cast this time is very eye-catching. In addition, compared with the previous film "chasing the dragon", the cast is not inferior to yen and Andy Lau;

In the two films "chasing the dragon", Andy Lau and Louis Koo have lifelike acting skills and show their own strength. They have the same number of fans. But in fact, "chasing the Dragon 2" has nothing to do with "chasing the dragon" in 2017. The film tells the story of long Zhiqiang based on the Hong Kong legend "Zhang Ziqiang";

After watching the film, the audience can directly feel the power of the film and the ideas it wants to convey. Gu Tianle's undercover 'He Tian' is very opposite to the 'magic child' in the undercover theme of the apostle. He was identified at the beginning, and his' anti routine 'interpretation is full of interest.

The "double male main mode" opened by Andy Lau and Donnie Yen in chasing the dragon is also full of lighting points. Especially under the ups and downs of the plot, Lei Luo played by Andy Lau has firm eyes, does not mess in the face of danger, and his natural and fearless posture catches the attention of the audience every minute;

The final box office of the film exceeded expectations, and its reputation was extraordinary. Andy Lau was worthy of being a 'not old man God'. Netizens shouted: he injected the soul into Hong Kong films! The movie "chasing the dragon" also added points to the suitability of its cast. Xu Dongdong, a post-90s young Tsing Yi in the mainland, partnered with Donnie Yen and Andy Lau;

In the film, Xu Dongdong's "Rose" appeared with her own aura. She was sexy and charming in a long red dress. She thought she would be a competitor of yen, but her undercover identity was revealed. The last crying scene of "crying with a smile" was beautiful and moving. Xu Dongdong's appearance was exquisite. She had no stage fright with yen and Andy Lau, and her acting skills were even brighter;

The high appearance and strong acting skills of chasing the dragon are undoubtedly the two advantages of the high box office. However, chasing the Dragon 2, which is highly expected this year, has also added several main characters and plot freshness. After watching the film, it is not difficult to find that the most successful place of chasing the Dragon 2 is not just that the director Wang Jing proved that he is not "exhausted", What's more, the partners of the four movie stars had a wonderful chemical reaction.

Whether it's Gu Tianle, who is' undercover addicted 'in chasing the Dragon 2, or Andy Lau, who is still heroic in chasing the dragon, the performances of the two male gods all make the audience applaud. Fans often resonate and fall in love with the actors inspired by the roles in film and television works;

Andy Lau can be called the first male god of police and bandit films in Hong Kong. Gu Tianle's film and television works are not limited to police and bandit films, but their resources do not conflict. Many fans love both. If they have to choose one, they can only say that their charm is hard to win! what you think?