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Liang Jiahui's acting skills in chasing the Dragon 2 burst. Gu Tianle is known as Andy Lau's success

Recently, the plot film "chasing the Dragon 2", written and directed by Wang Jing and starring Liang Jiahui, Gu Tianle, Lin Jiadong and Ren Dahua, hit a national hot screen. The film tells the story of Hong Kong Police undercover who sneaked into the criminal gang of "tycoon" long Zhiqiang. After many tests, he successfully approached long Zhiqiang and waited for the opportunity to act, and finally arrested the fierce bandit long Zhiqiang with the joint efforts of the mainland and Hong Kong police;

So far, "chasing the Dragon 2" has made a box office of 18.75 million on its first day of release, which can be said to be excellent. Fans who have seen "chasing the dragon" and "chasing the Dragon 2" will compare the two films. Both films are led by many big brother actors, including yen and Andy Lau in the first film, Liang Jiahui and Gu Tianle in the second film;

There are policemen in both films, but one is black policeman Leiluo (played by Andy Lau) and one is undercover He Tian (played by Gu Tianle). Many netizens frankly say that Gu Tianle should be regarded as the successor of Andy Lau? The two policemen have wonderful performances in two "chasing the dragon";

However, if you really compare the two films, there are still many differences. Chasing the dragon is obviously a little better than chasing the Dragon 2 in plot, rhythm and picture processing. The advantage of chasing the Dragon 2 is that Liang Jiahui's playing long Zhiqiang is really powerful and his acting skills burst;

In chasing the dragon, in addition to all kinds of violent performances by Donnie Yen and Andy Lau, the rose (ah Hua) played by Xu Dongdong in it also left a deep impression. She is Donnie Yen's adopted daughter, Andy Lau's right arm and a straw that triggered the final break between them;

Xu Dongdong's performance in chasing the dragon is also commendable. In particular, the final picture of "laughing and crying" death is the collapse of tears. Roses are such a role that is beautiful with thorns, introverted, loyal, cruel and means. Xu Dongdong has completed her very well;

The success of chasing the Dragon lies in the abundance of details and the soul of each character. Chasing the Dragon 2 pays more attention to the narrative story. Although the two films tell different plots, they still have some similarities, such as the play between two big men;

Donnie Yen and Andy Lau are equally matched in the film. Liang Jiahui and Gu Tianle are bold, convergent, dominant and passive. In chasing the dragon, Xu Dongdong wanders between Donnie Yen and Andy Lau, making their relationship more and more tense;

To sum up, "chasing the Dragon 2" is still a film worth seeing. If it's you, do you prefer "chasing the dragon" or "chasing the Dragon 2"?