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Si qingaoli revisits the shooting place of "one word nine tripods", which is full of vitality and gi

Recently, the famous singer and actor Si qingaoli revisited the shooting place of "one word nine tripods". Although she stood in the same place, it formed a great contrast with Zhang gege, who has all kinds of emotions in the play. With a loose black T-shirt, avocado wide leg pants or tight pants in the same color, siqingaoli has a full sense of leisure and the ball head with full vitality makes the finishing point, which can be described as a full sense of girls.

It is reported that the legendary masterpiece of the Republic of China "yiyanjiuding" starring Si qingaoli will be launched again on the news comprehensive channel of Nanjing TV on June 8. In addition to the film and television drama "one word nine Ding", Siqin Gaoli has also prepared a full 'inventory', which will live up to the long-awaited fans. Please look forward to it!