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The Lingbo micro step dance created by Tong Dawei and Guo Jingfei in uncle's small hall are funny an

Last Friday night (May 31), the third issue of the interactive life experience reality show "Uncle Xiaoguan" was broadcast on watermelon video and Jiangsu Satellite TV. In this program, Tong Dawei's health preserving boy is attached to the body. He not only sticks to exercise and boxing every day, but also creates his own Lingbo micro step dance. The dazzling actions make netizens call it 'too difficult'; Guo Jingfei, who was ill and feverish, was still concerned about purchasing food materials in the market. He bought local earthwork and cooked honey, olive water and cold medicine. He was praised and warmed his heart. After the broadcast of the program, Tong Dawei released a microblog and shouted to Guo Jingfei: 'if you want to run fast, you must first learn to Lingbo micro step'. The childish daily life of the barbecue men's group is warm and interesting.

Tong Dawei fitness daily public netizen: 'Lingbo micro step' is too difficult

In this program, in addition to delicious food, chef Tong Dawei's daily fitness is made public for the first time. He gets up at 6:30 in the morning and creates his own Lingbo micro step dance to awaken his vitality for a day; Online boxing with the coach, the attack and defense are crisp, and all the actions are done at one go, showing the side of loving sports. Tong Dawei said frankly: 'because there are some action scenes to be shot later, he has been in class recently. At least he should look like a person who has practiced.'

That night, after the program was broadcast, Tong Dawei also posted a funny video of his race with Guo Jingfei on his microblog, shouting that Guo Jingfei: 'if you want to run fast, you must first learn to Lingbo micro step.' Guo Jingfei also responded jokingly: 'we are three years old together. We can't be so naive.' The two brothers love each other, causing onlookers on the Internet. Netizen 'chick' said: 'it's too difficult. This means you can't learn.' Netizen 'Tong Amy': 'first give you a praise, and then give yourself a comfort to learn your Lingbo micro step wrestling.' Netizen 'Chihiro Cai Huizi' said: 'it's very skinny. I wish you a happy children's day.'

Tong Dawei's original food therapy Guo Jingfei praised honey olive water for super warm heart

In this program, store manager Meng Fei went out temporarily, and Guo Jingfei suddenly fell ill with a fever. In order to ensure the normal operation of the small hall, Tong Dawei and Guo Degang formed a temporary team and went out to the market to buy food materials. Tong Dawei specially bought fresh olives and honey from the market, boiled honey olive water and cold medicine for Guo Jingfei, repeatedly cleaned and told the details of closing the window, showing a warm side. Guo Jingfei said frankly that he was very moved, 'especially Dawei, specially cooked medicine for me. It took a long time to boil traditional Chinese medicine, so I drank it all.'

Tong Dawei's considerate and meticulous work also won praise from netizens. Netizen 'gys_ 'Pink claw' said: 'look, uncle and small hall are surrounded by Tong Dawei. They are handsome and can cook. They are also very modest and low-key. It's perfect.' Netizen 'cure expert piggy bank' said: 'the ubiquitous busy king has no resistance to Tong Dawei.' Netizen '' said: 'I'm brother Tong. I really can live. Honey and olive water get. It looks good to drink. I'm going to buy some to try.'