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"I only like you" is a sweet ending. Romantic man Zhao Zhiwei has won countless fans for his "young

Today's hottest Youth Drama "I only like you" ended sweetly in Tencent video yesterday. The highly sought after "Hao Chao" CP finally got married and gave birth to twins and lived a happy and beautiful life. At the end of the play, Zhao Zhiwei, who plays Zhao Guanchao, got married early. The image of a prodigal son who cares for his family and loves his wife was highly praised by the audience. Outside the play, because of his handsome appearance, With his unique temperament, coupled with his superior long legs, Su inverted a group of netizens and won the hearts of countless girls.

"One can be as affectionate as one can be. As a happy enemy, Hao Chao CP has always been" sprinkle sugar, small & lsquo; Call & rsquo; The "happy route" includes "pregnant Oolong" before "fear of marriage". The constant episodes add a lot of laughter to this iron CP. Zhao Guanchao "abused his wife for a while and chased his wife in the crematorium". Because of the shadow of domestic violence brought by his biological father in childhood, he was afraid of hiding violence genes in his body, which would hurt may day. When his mother put forward the idea of marriage on May Day, I chose to escape, but in the end, I couldn't escape the fate. Lovers will get married and continue the romantic male treasure level love scene. All kinds of love words' open mouth 'will come,' I love her. If you want to find someone to share your life with me, that person can only be Hao Wuyi, no one else ',' if time can go back and go back to the day I met you, I will still fall in love with you ',' my heart is missing a piece. It's your appearance. No one can fill it ',' I know why you feel heartache, because I've been stuck in your heart '& hellip& hellip; Moreover, the situation talk offensive is full of impact not only in the face of Hao may day, but also in the face of his sister, 'if only one of Zhao Guanchao and Zhao Qiao can be happy, then I'm sure it can only be you!', Overbearing and spoiled words detonate the hearts of countless girls in front of the screen, which is really difficult to parry.

In addition to love talk, Zhao Zhiwei also contributed a lot of "famous scenes". Gao Tian's details are overwhelming. Moreover, most of these pictures are designed by Zhao Zhiwei himself. For example, when Qiao yiyanmo married, Zhao Zhiwei covered Hao Wuyi's clothes with a paper towel and showed a diamond ring across the air to declare "ownership". Not only that, he rubbed his nose and mouth to mouth to feed, Love, such as drinking and flirting, is played by actors on the set every day. From romance in the play to out of the play, Zhao Zhiwei and Zhao Guanchao can't distinguish clearly. No wonder netizens commented that Zhao Zhiwei is so romantic that he can't be a brother and a boyfriend.

So far, the play has ended and the role of Zhao Guanchao has ended, but actor Zhao Zhiwei is waving to us. Let's look forward to more wonderful performances of Zhao Zhiwei.