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The new play is on! He Hongshan's singing conference and Tianli's launch

Yesterday, the TV play "Feng Yi", starring he Hongshan and Xu Zhengxi, held a launch press conference. The stars broke the news to shoot interesting stories and detonated the atmosphere on the scene. Actor he Hongshan plays the heroine Ye Ningzhi in the play. She appears at the scene in a red wave dot short skirt, which is sweet and lovely.

At the press conference, he Hongshan and Xu Zhengxi sang the theme song of the play "Phoenix wings", with a soft voice and good singing skills. It is reported that the play is the first time that he Hongshan takes the lead as a big female owner. It interprets the experience of being inspirational and firm, keeping close friends and protecting the world. It is interpreted at different stages. The on-site cooperative actors praise him for his high-intensity shooting work, striving for excellence and great recognition.