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Sun Bohao's "Romance of gods" challenges the big show of "slap drama", and netizens praise warm men

The ancient costume mythological drama "the romance of the gods", starring Wang Likun, Luo Jin, Deng Lun, sun Bohao and he Dujuan, is on the air. With its ups and downs plot development and ingenious character relations, the play has attracted many viewers, and the broadcasting volume remains high. Recently, Prince Yin Jiao, played by sun Bohao, was slapped in the face by his uncle in anger, which triggered a heated discussion among netizens.

Concerned about the National Games, sun Bohao was used to challenge slap drama, and netizens shouted heartache

In the play, Prince Yin Jiao, played by sun Bohao, is affectionate, righteous and upright. As a benchmark character, he has always been a good heart of the audience, and with the development of the plot, this role has also produced more contradictions and conflicts. The prince in the court was deceived by Shen Gongbao, who thought that repairing the star building could protect the national luck, which disappointed uncle Bigan and scolded him for being confused, The prince's sincere explanation not only did not calm uncle Huang's anger, but also got a slap from Uncle Huang. Sun Bohao's slap drama also made the character more plump, three-dimensional, flesh and blood. The image of the prince is not just a simple 'weiguangzheng'. In addition, netizens also left messages to express their love for the prince.

As the successor of the king of a country, the crown prince always thinks about the country. He knows that King Zhou is fatuous. Even so, the crown prince is still considering his reputation and doing his best in the face of King Zhou. The crown prince is a human minister and the son of King Zhou. Sun Bohao's inner anxiety and dilemma also make many viewers feel the same.

Serious acting, serious life, sun Bohao circle powder with strength

Since the broadcast of the romance of the gods, the prince's growth path has been full of hardships and ups and downs. Sun Bohao has successfully demonstrated the transformation of role emotion and phased growth. As a new actor, he has not lost the game with the powerful old actor. His excellent performance surprised the audience and gained a large number of true love fans. Sun Bohao loves acting at work. He absorbs energy from the play and continues to grow. He also loves life after work. He has a good figure who admires everyone for his long-term fitness. It's no problem to cook. He has attracted fans to shout that he has found treasure.

Fans even kept leaving messages to urge the 'Prince's counter attack' while faithfully chasing the play. In the next plot, the prince will face more difficulties and dangers, whether to protect the country or defend the people, whether his parents are born with kindness or the world. The prince's choice has also become one of the driving forces for the audience to chase the play. I look forward to sun Bohao's coming to bring more answers and highlights to the audience.