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Li Zhenwu incarnated as a special guest to airborne the "good voice" overseas audition site, setting

Last weekend, singer Li Zhenwu flew to New Zealand as a special guest to "support" the audition for the new season of "good voice of China". As a former student of "good voice", Li Zhenwu not only attended the audition, but also sang three songs "boy", "love me or not" and "mountain and sea". Li Zhenwu's live performance made the audience applaud, Let people experience a 'summer heat wave' in advance. With the beginning of the audition, the program of the new season is about to meet with you. As a 'person from the past', Li Zhenwu said: 'I hope the students can enjoy the stage and cherish every stage experience'. When asked about the new music, Li Zhenwu also said with some skin, 'the new work has been recorded. I believe I will meet you soon. I hope you can wait for this surprise'!

When I came to New Zealand, Li Zhenwu would not miss the opportunity to see the famous firefly wormhole. Although I heard people say fireflies more or less before I went, fortunately, Li Zhenwu saw a lot of fireflies when I went. In the black hole where you can't see your fingers, fireflies are like stars. It's very shocking! Li Zhenwu also made his inner expectations to the meteor like fireflies in his heart, perhaps about his family or music. Although he didn't say it directly, these were quietly hidden in the fireflies' ears.