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Xiao Qiang's appearance at the brand event remained unchanged and her popularity remained unchanged

On May 15, Xiao Qiang, Taiwan's first beauty, appeared at an event in Yantai to speak for Samantha. She had a beautiful face and a hot body, which aroused high popularity at the scene.

The activity site was crowded, especially when Xiao Qiang appeared. On the day of the event, Xiao Qiang appeared in a elegant light yellow Tulle dress with diamond jewelry. It was fresh and lively, which not only brightened people's eyes, but also did not lose the charm of mature women. The long hair shawl and curly hair tail further highlighted the elegant temperament of "the first beauty in Taiwan".

It is reported that Xiao Qiang attended the event as the spokesperson of Samantha Lisa brand. Let the years go by, Xiao Qiang still looks unchanged, as in the past, which is very in line with the aesthetic concept of the brand.