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Check the topics on the Cannes red carpet. Who is the female artist Xi Mengyao, Kun Ling and LV Jiar

Like a raging fire, as in the past, outlandish costume make complaints about the Cannes Film Festival. The French Film Festival in Cannes is in full swing. The competition between women stars on the red carpet is as fierce as ever. There are also some black and self starring pose who have been tucking away from the sun. They also have been tucking in the hot spots of the Tucao. This year, the most eye-catching women artists in Cannes, Xi Mengyao, Kunling and Lv Jiarong have come to the list. What is your favorite value?

Xi Mengyao responds to pregnancy rumors before walking the red carpet

Xi Mengyao, an international famous model running on both sides of the model circle and the entertainment circle, has been busy at work in recent years. This year, the career oriented she finally settled the emotional dust. After she was sweetly proposed by he Youjun, she was photographed with a 'slight bulge of her lower abdomen' on the same day, and then came the news of pregnancy. After arriving at the local airport, Xi Mengyao finally responded: what do you think? Just be happy. The lives of public figures are inevitably made public, and hot search can not be avoided, but walking the red carpet still belongs to Xi Mengyao's work. Since others have responded, I hope netizens will let her go and watch the show.

Kunling Jay Chou sugar netizen: dog food spilled in Cannes

This year, Kunling and Wang Xueqi joined hands to appear on the red carpet in Cannes because they starred in the movie "sky fire". It is reported that Jay Chou appeared on the red carpet in a low-key black dress on that day. It is not difficult to recognize him wearing sunglasses and a black hat. Kunling on the Cannes red carpet was dressed in a black off shoulder gift dress, her hair was tied up to show her ability and elegance, and her hands were inserted in the pockets on both sides. Her original ordinary work became sweet and romantic with the blessing of her husband. Netizens exclaimed: Jay is really a spoiled wife and crazy devil himself! It's not the first time that the two people who were sent to the hot search because of their good relationship with each other have become a hot topic. They really envy others.

LV Jiarong's expensive dress appeared in Cannes to blind passers-by

This year, there are one hundred thousand hot topics of red carpet. It reminds people of Lv Jiarong, who was tucking in the red carpet of Cannes, and the price of a western style palace dress is nearly 30 million. So we have to admit that the first time we make complaints about this dress is really bright, and the shiny accessories on the upper body are exquisite, with a rich, fluffy texture. LV Jiarong is wearing a crown and a shining luxury necklace on her chest. With the 3-carat pink diamond, it's no wonder that netizens want to show off their wealth by walking on the red carpet! However, LV Jiarong himself is relatively straightforward. He never disguises his' want to be red 'mentality. He confessed directly on his microblog that he had spent money on the red carpet, which really confirmed the netizen's guess: money and willfulness!