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Cannes "rubs the red carpet"! Zhang Yuqi a word back to Shi Yufei super, honest response all powder

Cannes Film Festival begins in France. The annual red carpet show attracts much attention. At the same time, a farce caused by "rubbing the red carpet" is also staged in China. Many "blanket stars" lie on the gun for no reason and are suspected of doing everything possible to rub the red carpet. Chinese actress Shi Yufei gives a face-to-face response on her microblog, which reminds people of Zhang Yuqi who is also aggressive in responding to "rubbing the red carpet", Netizen says: you are very hard!

Tiktok is a international festival with many famous famous brands and hotels. Not only the celebrity gathering, but also the attention is more intense, so many artists yearn for the red carpet in Cannes. For the rubbing blanket incident, Zhang Yuqi used to return to those cyber violence in the way of Black: I didn't have the mobile phone to beat the sound, it was very restrained.

'you haven't even walked the red carpet. Why do you say I rubbed it? " Zhang Yuqi's words made keyboard man unable to fight back, and were directly included in "sister Qi's quotations". Relatively speaking, Shi Yufei, a Chinese actress who suffered from unprovoked blackmail after the red carpet in Cannes this year, is heartbreaking. Her voice on the microblog is also very straightforward, and her straightforward personality is revealed.

On the 14th, Shi Yufei appeared on the red carpet of Cannes in a nude embroidered dress. She was tall and elegant, bringing a beautiful visual enjoyment to everyone. But the next day, the microblog about Shi Yufei on the red carpet directly sent her to the hot search, but this is not the case.

I believe every actor who stepped on the red carpet in Cannes was excited and nervous, and I am no exception. Yesterday, all kinds of voices from the media reporters were really noisy. Foreign photographers were very enthusiastic and kept shouting "take photos." Shi Yufei's words were neat and concise, which clearly explained his psychological state and surrounding environment on the red carpet to the public.

For any female artist, Cannes is a platform to show beauty, not to mention the need to straighten the waist for people to take photos, who can not be nervous? It's really unfair for Shi Yufei to take a random screenshot to explain the scene situation. "When the staff talked to me, I really didn't hear what she said in detail"? However, even if the staff left, this kind of small situation is actually very normal, there is nothing wrong with it.

Even today, the attacks of keymen continue, and Shi Yufei responds again: "innocent people have suffered so much indescribable smear and cyber violence. I just hope more people have independent thinking and dialectical thinking.". As the incident intensified, many netizens gradually said that Yu Fei's response was very straightforward and a little cute. She felt a lot of grievances across the screen. I really love this girl!

Some netizens left a message: seeing the comments about her, it's really too harsh. Now the network violence is too terrible. I really hope that we can strengthen the control, don't let keyman make something out of nothing, and return the network to a clean place!