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Xi Mengyao, Kunling, Gong Li, Tian, Shi Yufei, the red carpet in Cannes all have "dots"

This year, the Cannes Film Festival in France has unexpectedly triggered a wave of hot discussions. The topic of "rubbing the red carpet" has been on the rise, and the hot search has been delayed. However, in addition to netizens eating melons, the female stars invited to walk on the red carpet are very "bit", such as Xi Mengyao, Kunling, Gong Li, Jingtian, Shi Yufei, etc;

Female stars have their own charm and a hundred flowers bloom. From their reactions to their own hot topics, they are more and more personality! Before joining the red carpet, Xi Mengyao, who had just arrived at Nice Airport, was constantly asked by the media whether she was really pregnant?

In this regard, free and easy character of her left a 'you happy' to complete the response, and then set foot on the red carpet of Cannes, simply handsome explosion! Taking the red carpet as one's own job and separating it from one's own private life, Xi Mengyao's free will is not a boast.

It's not only famous models who are invited to the red carpet in Cannes, but Kunling, the star of the movie sky fire, is also on the list. On the red carpet in Cannes that day, she was wearing a pure black dress. On the scene, her husband Jay Chou was photographed putting all her eyes on his wife. How sweet!

Kunling, who has already been married, has a rather "Buddhist" attitude towards the red carpet topic. After all, with her favorite people present, the opinions of others will become less important. In addition to Kunling, Gong Li also sprinkled a handful of dog food in France. At the age of 54, she walked on the red carpet for the 18th time in Cannes. This time, she also had a 'musician' boyfriend.

However, Gong Li, who is low-key, doesn't pay much attention to the length of time on the red carpet. She even says that 'this is a film festival, not her own runway'. She is modest but full of sweet love atmosphere! Jingtian is a female star who is not in a good condition. After walking on the red carpet, the first thing she cares about is whether she has gained weight or not. Her personality is so lovely.

On the red carpet that day, Jingtian appeared on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival in a white gauze skirt. However, she seemed to move slowly on the red carpet. It was suspected that because she stayed too long, different staff members urged her three times, and many netizens questioned her. Jingtian responded to the controversy of Cannes red carpet in a social platform, saying: 'Cannes experience: round face is doomed, and weight loss depends on hard work. Red carpet one minute, where is the photography? I don't know. I don't dare to ask!

The last one who is also entangled in the controversy of "rubbing the red carpet" is Shi Yufei. She also suffered innocently. The cause of the incident is still the topic of the red carpet in Cannes. Shi Yufei, who walked on the red carpet, appeared in a nude dress with no choice in appearance and figure. However, she was questioned because she was photographed communicating with the staff, and a pile of black pots quickly hit her head.

'Tucao sound' and 'blame voice' are definitely a challenge to the artist's psychological defense. Shi Yu Fei was criticized for the first time by the whole network. She chose to respond at the first time, and make complaints about the girl's inner feelings.

The irony of "rubbing the red carpet" does not only fall on Shi Yufei. Compared with other silent acquiescence, her response is almost the most sincere. It can also be seen that she is straightforward and does not hide her character.

It seems that the entertainment industry, which is full of controversy, pressure and public opinion, still needs a long time to temper if it wants to have a calm, self-confident and unpretentious attitude. It's really difficult to get through this round of turmoil without any personality