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Li Keqin's attendance at the launching ceremony of Asian Film and television week after 14 years is

Recently, Li Keqin was invited to attend the launching ceremony of the Asian Film and Television Week held at the Taimiao temple in Beijing. With a black look, he showed his unique taste and style and sang "brilliant" to help Asian Film and television.

That night, Li Keqin, Jackie Chan and many other heavyweight stars sang together, presenting a very infectious stage, presenting a classic "brilliant" as a tribute to the grand meeting of Asian Film and television exchanges. " From China to the world, and the world to China. '. On the day of the performance, Li Keqin wrote about his experience of stepping on the stage in the Taimiao Temple many years ago, which is still fresh in his memory. It turns out that Li Keqin's fate with the Taimiao temple has already begun. The launching ceremony of the Asian Film and Television Week is Li Keqin's stage in Beijing Taimiao temple after many years. In 2005, he recorded "Ode to the Olympics" in Taimiao temple and sang "burning" with Zhou Chuanxiong. 14 years have passed, This "brilliant" is the second agreement between Li Keqin and Taimiao. It is also the honor to witness the Asian cultural exchange, which makes the fans feel deeply and moved.

It is reported that Li Keqin's new song "you are my big star" has been released. This song integrates a variety of musical elements such as national style, rock and roll, reflecting his bold attempt and unlimited pursuit of music. The Mandarin album will also be launched in June.