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Xu Dongdong paved the way with forbearance and tolerance, and his heart of gratitude and humility be

An actor often has a huge contrast behind the stage. The villain can be a good person full of goodwill, and the protagonist may not be worthy of the name. As a post-90s actress, Xu Dongdong has been firmly in the position of "the first sister of the Internet University" since she was young. Her character is changeable in the play, and her life outside the play is also colorful. In fact, her gratitude and humility are more popular.

As early as 2016, after the hit of the online drama "Yu sin", Xu Dongdong was already in a big fire. At that time, she was not as popular as she is now, but she also had many fans. Before Yu sin did not find her, she was just an unknown "little north drifter", and her only motivation was to earn money and support her family.

In her career as a drama runner, she knows the importance of hard work, because hard work is the only way to change her fate. After gaining fame, Xu Dongdong entered a short period of precipitation. In the process of playing an unknown supporting role, she learned to cherish that "both the leading role and the supporting role serve the whole play and are indispensable.".

Every role is a hard won opportunity for himself. Xu Dongdong firmly holds this opportunity in his hands and does not allow himself to give up. After the hit of "chasing the dragon" and "the richest man in Xihong city", with the rose of great love and righteousness and the funny and humorous Sasha, she was really on fire.

At the same time, the popularity and reputation of Xu Dongdong, as well as the doubts and negatives, surged up. Xu Dongdong seemed to fall into the mire of public opinion, but she could not escape. The appearance of the voices such as "being strongly praised" and "having backstage" did not make her angry. She used her forbearance and tolerance to pave the way and build a self-protection wall. Her strength is too much higher than that of her peers.

The more trivia she has at work, the more hope she has for her life. Maybe it's because she has a beautiful and harmonious family. She regards her love for her parents as a sharp weapon to fight against the malice of the outside world. She is often frustrated and brave, and gradually grows up in praise and abuse.

She is very grateful for her family's company and is full of kindness to the world. She once wrote a long article on her micro blog, lamenting her own experience: "the world is big, we are small." she thinks, "whenever we release a little kindness, the world will become a little softer.".

Xu Dongdong, like many ordinary people, hopes that the world will become better and better. "When most people say a word, they don't know where it comes from, and they rarely judge whether it's true or not." she sees the unhappiness of human nature, but always keeps her trust in people and is sincere.

Living like a little sun, she always lights up everything around her and gets warm rewards. Xu Dongdong's efforts, forbearance, gratitude and treasure constitute her infinite positive energy and make her a real high-quality artist.