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Xu Dongdong is black! Defending yourself in the right way is also an example

Recently, there have been a lot of tweets on Weibo. Once there is any news in the entertainment circle, netizens will immediately move a small bench and wait to watch. Artists who haven't been hacked these days are embarrassed to say that they are stars. Which of Yang Mi, Zhao Liying and Zheng Shuang is more black and more red?

Recently, Xu Dongdong, the first sister of the Internet University, has just been certified as "recruiting black constitution". However, why is she so black? In 2016, Shen Jiawen became popular with the "sister-in-law" in the online drama "Yu sin", and later played Zuo LAN in the online movie "sister-in-law", consolidating the image of "sister-in-law";

Xu Dongdong, who starred in "the richest man in Xihong city" and "the evolution of best boyfriend", has started the road of comedy, but there are still a lot of disturbances and public opinions on the smoother performing road.

From "Yu sin" to the movie "chasing the dragon" and "the richest man in Xihong city", Xu Dongdong's characters have one thing in common: sexy. This is where the voice of doubt begins. After watching her works, the audience tends to comment on her acting skills. Passers-by who have never seen these works only see Xu Dongdong's bright side. It is inevitable that some people will start to sour her.

As a public figure, Xu Dongdong knows to set an example and promote positive energy for the public, so when many criticisms appeared, she clarified for herself: "do you think that people who take the sexy route in the play can be stigmatized as bad people in real life?" It's a key point that many people ignore to distinguish the role from the actor. After a little fame, the actor will start to be hit by unprovoked abuse. Xu Dongdong is one of them.

No matter what you do, you will be noticed. Every move is like under the monitor. Xu Dongdong will be maliciously abused if he posts photos on Weibo; If you work with a well-known director, you will get rumors; Even in the film "best boyfriend evolution", he disguised himself as ugliness for the sake of the role, and the gags in the film group were widely spread to make fun of her ugliness. How dare those keyboard men who attack her behind her back come out to meet people?

We all know who is black and who is white inside and outside the play I've never been in trouble, and I've never been afraid. " Xu Dongdong has never been a timid person. When someone insults him, he will go back to him. He will never recognize what he has not done, just as she said: 'when people play, the sky is watching.' It is just a kind of example and model to defend oneself in the right way.