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Cannes "carpet bully" add another one? Analysis of the real Shi Yufei, netizen: not like people who

Last year, Zhang Yuqi was ridiculed as "blanket bully" in Cannes Film Festival. This year's Cannes red carpet has caused a storm of public opinion, in which the actor Shi Yufei was directly sent to the microblog hot search. The popularity of "rubbing the red carpet" is growing. Keyboard man even forced Shi Yufei to add the nickname of "blanket bully successor". Is she really so good?

In fact, if you want to say 'rub', what is' rub '? As an invited artist of this Cannes Film Festival, Shi Yufei's walking on the red carpet is a matter of honor, which belongs to the work completely. Because of the loud voice of online doubts, Shi Yufei has also attracted the attention of the general public. In fact, her personality, personality and personality are very important Character has long been reflected in the dynamics of daily life.

Although she has played in the "Jubilee", Shi Yu Fei is not just an actress for her position. In her life, she often shares her daily wear video with micro-blog tiktok, from summer wear to winter dress, showing beautiful face value and super high clothing, attracting fans to comment.

Busy work has also enriched Shi Yufei's life. It used to be a daily look. Once there is less look, many fans will feel that they can't see enough and urge to update. This beautiful and lovely little sister is the 'treasure girl' in their heart. From her, she not only learns how to dress up by wearing and makeup, but also understands that she is a person full of love and childlike innocence.

The daily life of exquisite girl Shi Yufei is simple but rich. Almost half of her few compliments are about homeless cats and dogs, injured animals in need of treatment, or cute pets who interact closely with their owners. This year's new year's wish is that everyone can be kind to stray animals, Met to give them some food and drink, full of positive energy!

In addition to calling on everyone to care for stray animals, Shi Yufei always writes down her feelings and Thoughts on her micro blog after work. She is a little girl who likes to tell her heart If it's going to be destroyed, I'll go to eat hot pot and drink beer every day, and I don't need to lose weight or control any more. "She has many female artists who are also worried about losing weight, and she also has a little mood to let go of herself. She can always seize the small fortune in her life.

However, such a girl who doesn't like sensationalism and flattery hasn't escaped the attack of cyber violence. Shi Yufei always embraces life and works hard with her optimism and straightforwardness. When she is questioned about "rubbing the red carpet", she is even "stunned". She always comes to the door with groundless criticism, but Shi Yufei is as careless as ever Be yourself with a bright personality, but that's what makes us love more and more, isn't it?