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After Zhao Liying and Yang Mi, Shi Yufei performed from "whole network black" to "whole network pain

In the age of advanced information technology, whatever they do seems to be monitored. Some people are always "moral kidnapping", "human flesh search" and "cyber violence". In recent years, there have been more and more cyber violence incidents in the entertainment industry. Zhao Liying and Yang Mi, who had experienced "cyber blackmail", are now at the peak of their careers.

Recently, Shi Yufei, a Chinese actor, was pushed to the top of the storm by public opinion because of the "red carpet rubbing" incident, which aroused a new round of internet violence. Teacher Yan Geling wrote: "once a hero is found, he will fall into the well. The stone throwers will be very brave and the crowd will be very crowded.". The higher a person stands, the more people will laugh at him when he falls down. This is not only a group effect, but also the biggest malice in human nature.

This sentence is very appropriate to explain the internet violence in the entertainment industry. When Shi Yufei walked out of the red carpet in Cannes, she would not think that her short 90 second appearance on the red carpet would attract overwhelming 'attacks' from the masses. The strength of this' attack 'is not small. When Shi Yufei appeared in Cannes, her name was sent to the Internet with the stench.

Some people say that she is' disgraceful ', some people even don't see her face clearly, they just throw down the sentence' awl face is also worthy to go to Cannes? You're not afraid to fall and tilt your chin? " The unfounded ridicule and teasing of right and wrong all come from those fierce keyman. They have nothing to do with their own affairs, and they put the "net red face" and "back door" on her.

Shi Yufei was stunned by the sudden "Internet blackness". Although she was "shocked" by the curse she suffered, she showed her helpless feelings directly on her microblog, and eventually left many people. This low-key, sunny, down-to-earth girl, this optimistic, dedicated actress, really shouldn't bear these "groundless blackness".

Some people stood up for her to make complaints about it. Others also withdrew their hands to join Tucao, and pondered the consequences of this storm. Internet violence should never be ignored by the public. Although the public is the initiator of internet violence, there are real examples of Zhao Liying and Yang Mi. The abuse of the two actresses in the past is vivid. Later, Qiao Renliang was discredited by keyboard man after his death, which made the entertainment industry restless.

People with fragile hearts may find it difficult to get out of the pain of being hacked, and then degenerate or even give up their lives. Now the harm of internet violence is so obvious that some people still hold on to Shi Yufei. What are they forcing her to do?

'This face can't be red ','It can't be a wrist','It's too ugly to be popular '& hellip& hellip; The endless malicious messages in microblog comments stab the defenseless Shi Yufei like poison needles. The sense of justice of some passers-by is finally aroused. How much pleasure can bullying a little girl give you?

Have you forgotten how many lives internet violence has killed? Many people's heartache and sympathy for Shi Yufei is still submerged in the bad comments.

Artists often know that they can't please everyone, but they are still spreading positive energy to the public. How could Shi Yufei not be such an excellent artist? The groundless criticism she has suffered in recent days is really hard for people to see. I would like to advise netizens to keep their mouths open and not to hurt others with moral kidnapping and keyboard attacks!