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Zhejiang satellite TV's "a journey to meet love"

Tonight, "a journey to meet love" is about to end in China blue theater of Zhejiang satellite TV, and 'Jinli CP' will also usher in the final battle of this' adventure '. Just as the Yuai team is gathering again to help Jin Xiaotian plan a secret marriage proposal without telling Li Xinyue, the vicious drug dealer is also plotting a soul stirring robbery in the dark, Can Jin Xiaotian's Amulet still protect Li Xinyue? At 19:30 tonight, the grand finale of China blue theater is imminent.

During the hot broadcast of "a journey to meet love", various topics constantly rushed to the microblog hot search list. For example, the original topic of "Chen Xiaokou red number" of Zhejiang satellite TV was sent to the microblog hot search by netizens, and the high popularity of natural traffic also made the drama the first golden drama out of the hot search in the circle. Since then, the media big V scrambled to forward relevant videos. In addition to praising Chen Xiao's wonderful acting skills in the play, netizens vied with each other to make expression packs spontaneously. " The topic of Chen Xiao's pincers has brought nearly 6 million readers and attracted tens of thousands of fans to participate in the interaction《 "A trip to meet love" has repeatedly broken through in prime time. Hot topics such as' Chen Xiaojing's sweet love for Zhejiang TV ',' Jin Xiaotian, are you the devil ',' Jin Xiaotian, Li Xinyue's blood kiss' and 'Jin Xiaotian's mouth red number' have continued to dominate the microblog. As the leading mainstream media, why can Zhejiang satellite TV continuously create a number of works with good quality and topics, and become a popular collection place《 The answer lies behind the hit of a journey to meet love.

Strong entertainment vs deep spiritual core vs high quality hot drama resources Zhejiang satellite TV highlights the depth of head media content

As a realistic work with a firm grasp of the pulse of the times, "a journey to meet love" brings the audience a glimpse with its innovative theme of 'the first highway love drama in China', which also gives the drama a strong degree of recognition. The addition of trend elements such as' live broadcast 'and' RV travel 'makes the audience feel very close and substituted, meeting their increasing aesthetic needs.

In the aspect of plot, romance and love are the positive aspects of the drama; On the back is the post-90s new police, represented by Jin Xiaotian, the hero played by Chen Xiao, fighting to the death with criminals for the safety of the people. In addition to Jin Xiaotian, a journey to meet love also depicts the images of a large number of police officers, such as Feng Dui, who are not afraid of life and death and put the people's interests above their own lives. It shows the people's police's blood, wisdom and high spirited mental outlook. At the same time, it is lively and romantic. It has the characteristics of ordinary post-90s generation, and shows the audience their responsibility and responsibility of protecting the country and putting the people first, More authentic.

A preview of the new series

After a journey of meeting love, golden theater will take over the film "take dad to study abroad", which will be launched in China blue theater of Zhejiang satellite TV at 19:30 on May 19. The play gathers sun Honglei, Xin Zhilei, Zeng Shunxi, Jiang Yiyi and other powerful actors to discuss the social pain points from the perspective of father-son relationship, husband-wife contradiction, and pension and study abroad. "My true friend", the golden play of "taking my father to study abroad", which is a series of blockbuster reservation relay, is created by angelababy, Deng Lun, Zhu Yilong, Xu Zao and so on. The realistic topic of "buying and selling school district houses" is presented to the audience again. Ni Dahong, who plays Su Daqiang in "all very good", will also become the "God Father" of "my true friend" angelababy, Please look forward to it. 2019 is a year for Zhejiang satellite TV to concentrate its efforts. It is the basic requirement of the times to take care of the audience of all ages and meet the emotional and ideological needs of the audience to the greatest extent through different types of dramas; To realize the humanistic care for individuals through the universal value of human beings and to be a good witness of the change of the times is its higher pursuit as the head platform. We will see how many more surprises Zhejiang satellite TV will bring this year.