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Zhang Zifeng's children's interest in yearning for 3

The third season of "yearning for life", which shares leisure time with the audience every Friday night, is on Hunan Satellite TV. This season's new permanent guest Zhang Zifeng is also getting better and better integrated into the mushroom house family, bringing the reality and loveliness of the Post-00 generation.

In the program, Zhang Zifeng is quiet and elegant from time to time. He arranges flowers with guests, works hard, studies ship models, and enjoys the natural idyllic pleasure; Sometimes playful and lively, and brother hula hoop competition, fishing experience, funny play, not too happy.

In the new program to be broadcast tonight, Zhang Zifeng has also completed a manual lesson in mushroom house, drifting the patiently folded paper boat down the river, bringing the audience's full memories with childlike fun.

In addition, the small skilled field workers are also about to formally challenge the fishing plan. After all the hard work, Zhang Zifeng's catch is real fish or real mud, which will be revealed tonight!

At 22:00 tonight, we will continue to lock in Hunan Satellite TV to see Zhang Zifeng's new experience of changing from a money saving housekeeper to an assistant, and continue to appreciate the life that the audience yearns for.