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"Flowers and songs" is the most "green" children's film on June 1. It gives you a different company

Directed by Leizi and written by Meng Xianming, the realistic children's film flowers and songs, which is adapted from the literary novel of the same name, was officially put on file on May 31, and the poster and trailer were released today.

As the only realistic children's film in the June 1 program, the film focuses on the special groups of children in China. It tells the story of the left behind children Daqiang (Liu Chenyi), who picks up the abandoned blind girl Xinming (Wei Xinhui), and raises Xinming with her grandmother (Zhou Jinfeng), who has musical talent.

Six rare works on realistic children in China & middot; The greenest children's movie

As a rare realistic children's theme work in China, the film flowers and songs unfolds a natural picture of childhood with the melody of the childlike innocence ballad Xiao Chi. The children in the film live in the green countryside without iPad, mobile phones and video games. Under the pond, they fish lobsters, release lambs, pinch mud and sing together. It's fascinating and can be called the most 'green' children's film of June 1.

The older brother fan Daqiang in the trailer is strong and independent. At a young age, she shoulders the responsibility of taking care of her younger sister. The little blind girl Xinming is blind, but she has a sunny heart. She has outstanding musical talent. The two young protagonists with distinctive characters have learned to be sensible and bear responsibility early in the time when they should be innocent. In her children's words, the little blind girl also expressed her expectation for her parents, for school and for home. The two brothers and sisters had an innocent conversation: "I heard that dad has strength, right?", It shows the inner world of two children who spend a lot of time with their parents. They are warm but not hurt, and unconsciously touch the softest place in people's hearts.

Six & middot; A family accompany day to accompany children to spend different children's Day

In the first poster of the film, fan Xinming and fan Daqiang are transformed into big headed dolls, riding on a lamb transformed from white clouds, roaming in the blue sky. The beating notes of clouds are like Xinming's song, bright and cheerful. The distant halo of clouds symbolizes the beauty of the future, which has a flavor of 'dream as a horse'. Two young but very sensible two little heroes are also strongly yearning for their company. Especially on the eve of the special day of children's day such as June 1, "tomorrow you can accompany me" soul is torturing people's hearts, letting countless adults ripple in their hearts, believing that every parent has already got the answer in mind. Among all the animation and science fiction works in the same period, "flowers and songs" has a unique style, and pays equal attention to story and educational significance. It is one of the first choices for family viewing.

Children's Day is the only parent child festival. Most parents take pleasure as a starting point to please their children, but they neglect their parents' accompany, which is the most important part of the child's growth. As a special gift for children and a 70th anniversary gift for the motherland, flowers and songs focuses on the rural left behind children groups, tells stories from the perspective of children, sings nursery rhymes with children's voices, and pays attention to the growth process of special children groups accompanied by companions and songs. It is intended to create inspirational children's films that enable children and children to enjoy and grow together. At the same time, this is also a call for parents to spend their children's day as a "family companion day" and to spend a different day with children on their children's day.

Music, laughter and company, bring your baby on this children's day and feel the children's day of the children's day.