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Who did Cannes red carpet offend?

Recently, Shi Yufei was invited to attend the Cannes Film Festival, but he was questioned about "rubbing the red carpet" yesterday, and was even criticized as a new generation of "blanket star". The incident spread rapidly on the microblog, and was bombarded by a large number of netizens. What's more, it rose to "ginseng rooster" for actor Shi Yufei. The microblog's big names are also extremely ironic. It makes people think that they do this kind of thing?

The incident quickly appeared on the microblog hot search list, and the overwhelming controversy came one after another. For a moment, Shi Yufei's three words were completely 'fire', but such a 'fire', Shi Yufei said: I don't want it! Good work is deeply criticized, innocent suffered from network violence, is really pitiful and deplorable.

In fact, Shi Yufei was invited by French fashion magazine Yushang Paris to attend the opening ceremony of Cannes Film Festival. However, he was exaggerated by some media. Shi Yufei's microblog was also full of rude words and personal attacks from Melon eaters. When he was drowned by spitting stars, he could not even watch the brand. He quickly threw out the "invitation statement" and caught the melon eaters by surprise.

Internet violence confuses the truth and falsehood, affects the thinking and judgment of netizens, and infringes on the rights and interests of the parties. It can be said that it is extremely hateful. In response to the incident, Shi Yufei personally "ended up tearing" and responded aggressively: "I'm not a net star, and I don't rely on it."! And forward a statement about the Lai carpet incident.

As for Shi Yufei's comments on public opinion, it turned again overnight, and many netizens began to feel distressed. Shi Yufei's authentic and grounded response once again refreshed netizens' favor for her. The 'attack turn' made Shi Yufei get attention and really win fans at the same time!

Shi Yufei event once again pushed the star network violence to the forefront, so that the majority of netizens have to start to face up to this problem. The threshold of the "keyboard man" verbal battle in the virtual network is very low, and an unconfirmed guess can lead to a large-scale dis war, which is really deplorable.

Do you remember the people who were in a desperate situation because of internet violence? Can you still think of the stars who died because they couldn't stand the vicious words? After all, Shi Yufei is just a Chinese actor, a girl and a Chinese actress working abroad.

Shi Yu Fei has actually performed many works, such as the "Kwai Jui Raiders", "fast gunmen, fast shooters", "rival honeymoon", "youth can not stay", "snow City fans city" and so on. More works will be broadcast, such as the TV drama "the years of unending memories", the first movie, the movie "catch monkey", "cage of time", "love war", "innocent person", "A Fang Gong" female No.1, super network drama "Datang daughter line" appeared in friendship.

She has just participated in two major fashion weeks, Milan fashion week and Paris Fashion Week (off white). Her fashion resources are not bad. She has a good face, acting skills, works and resources. Why does Shi Yufei go to 'rub the red carpet'? People's words are terrible. Why is the criticism so malicious to a girl?

After being scolded for no reason these days, I feel that she has suffered a lot of grievances and must have shed a lot of tears. I hope that she can return a piece of net land to the Internet and give a tolerance to public figures. Shi Yufei, I support you!