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Xu Fangzhou's original single "sea" goes online today

On May 17, Xu Fangzhou's first solo "sea" was launched on QQ music, cool dog music and cool me music. In this song, Xu Fangzhou takes charge of the creation of Ci and music, talks to himself in the way of combining vocal and rap, and expresses his deep feelings to his fans: "the creative inspiration of this song comes from your fans. You are the sea, will hold up the ark with all enthusiasm, and I, also willing to be this sea, containing all of you at sea & hellip& hellip;'

Out of the big factory, Xu Fangzhou has made some changes in the whole world, just like his own singing: "it's you who draw a rainbow in the black and white sky", the amazing rap in "retreat", the indulgent voice and gentle eyes in "you love me", and the excellent stage control of "time", proving himself again and again with strength.

However, the spotlight, attention and miscellaneous public opinions may be followed by praise or doubt. Suoxing's original intention did not waver with glory, but strengthened his will to hold the dream in his hand. Xu Fangzhou put everything down, collected all his thoughts and created this new work sea in one go. Every word and note in the song comes from his beating thoughts and expresses his inner voice. In Xu Fangzhou's own words, "not much can be said, but I hope every detail can be heard."

"Sea" is a combination of vocal and rap. He talks like he's sharing his inner feelings and talking with his fans. " I always want to say that being seen, I feel that I have done it. It's time for me to protect you all the time & hellip& hellip;' Xu Fangzhou is also expressing to his fans with songs: the boat brother can't live without the 'sea', and the company of his fans is the docking point of his boat.

It is understood that the MV of "sea" will meet with you on May 20, which is a 520 exclusive romance carefully prepared by Xu Fangzhou for his fans. Even though the world is prosperous, he still sticks to his heart and doesn't choose to give up when he encounters thorns. While talking to himself, Xu also thanks his fans for their company.