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Zhang duo's "mother and uncle" and "battle of Sirius" are in contrast, and the roles are both good a

Recently, Zhang duo's partner Tang Zeng, Huang man, Liu Xiyuan and others starred in the era Emotional TV series "mother's uncle big" is on the hit of Tianjin satellite TV. Zhang duo plays his second uncle Tong Jiayang in the play. His advanced education method is deeply loved by the audience. Meanwhile, the Anti Japanese war drama "battle Sirius", starring Zhang duo, Yu Zhen and Zhang Guangbei, is also being broadcast on Guizhou satellite TV, in which he plays the bloody soldier Wu shisan. Double play broadcast power dominates the screen, exquisite acting skills, many praise.

In "mother's uncle", Tong Jiayang, played by Zhang duo, is energetic and hot tempered. He has done everything from fighting to watching to selling CDs. He lives unrestrained and unrestrained. At the same time, he hopes his niece Cheng Cheng can live the life he wants. In "battle of Sirius", Wu shisan, who is played by Zhang duo, was born in the market. He is a shaver in a small town. He is a real little man. However, because of the fierce war and national hatred, he resolutely joined the Eighth Route Army and gradually transformed into a responsible, responsible, mature and stable revolutionary soldier. Both the unrestrained second uncle Tong Jiayang and the resolute soldier Wu shisan left a deep impression on the audience.

Zhang duo, with a professional background, has created many extraordinary roles《 Zhang duo plays many roles, such as Liu Zhenhe, a revolutionary soldier in Chengcheng beacon, Wenjun, the leader of the demon world in biography of the great doctor Daogong, Mo Jiajun, a rebellious and unruly student soldier, Zhang Yang, the leader of exploring Fengmen village in Fengmen Guiying, Geng Feng, a warm man in Xiaomi Zhengxiang that year, and so on, Portray multiple characters thoroughly. This time "mother uncle big" and "battle Sirius" two series broadcast, Zhang duo through oneself to the role inner change, the characteristic disposition depth ponders, outlines the charm of these two different style characters themselves, the annotation is just right. It is believed that Zhang duo will bring more excellent works to the audience under the favorable situation of the industry.

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