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When will cyber violence stop? Love shi Yufei! It's an actor, but he's turned into a net star

In recent days, no, it should be said that in recent years, or every year, Cannes Film Festival has never attracted people's attention because of Cannes red carpet. There are countless events caused by Cannes red carpet every year, most of them are female stars, and the topic can't be separated from 'rubbing the red carpet'?

In the past two days, the 'Shi Yufei' incident, which has been making a lot of noise on the Internet, has been hotly searched by a group of Internet users. When they click on it, they mostly say that she is' rubbing the red carpet in Cannes', or that many official and micro businesses are making their voices, sharp words and exaggerated headlines. Is this still the official and micro businesses?

Instead of stating the facts, we just rely on a picture to "see the picture and speak", and then drive the microblog to bring rhythm. A group of melon eating netizens came to attack the actors and watched around. Xiaobian really felt sorry for Shi Yufei.

First of all, Shi Yufei is a good actor. He has to say that he is a net star. Is net star a lot different from actors? Internet Celebrities, as the name suggests, are people who are popular on the Internet. Encyclopedia interpretation refers to people who are popular in reality or online life because of an event or behavior and are concerned by netizens, or who continuously output professional knowledge for a long time.

Actors are the ones who perform a professional performance or play a role in performing arts. They perform many Kwai Fu performances. They can not finish the work of a page. They are numerous, such as quick gunmen, fast shooters, rival honeymoon, youth, staying in prison, life in the net, monkey catching, Emperor brocade, love war, strange talk, prince coffee shop, Huacheng opera, Yanxi strategy has her wonderful performance.

In 2015, Shi Yufei also won the nomination for best supporting actress at the 12th film channel media award of the 18th Shanghai International Film Festival for his romantic film "since youth can't stay". Although it is a nomination, it is also an honor. What the world lacks is not smart people, but hardworking people.

Secondly, Shi Yufei has been in business for more than ten years, and her works are popular every year. No one is an exception. Diligence and hard work are her work style. If you look at her micro blog, you will find that she is a sunny, lovely and occasionally sensitive modern girl.

Finally, it's nonsense to say that Shi Yufei rubs the red carpet in Cannes. She can't even see the brand that invited her. She stands up and says clearly: the actress Shi Yufei is invited to attend the opening ceremony of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in 2019 by our French fashion magazine Yushan Paris. We are very sorry for the damage caused to Ms. Shi Yufei by the untrue and exaggerated reports of some media yesterday. As a member of the media, adhering to the principle of fairness and justice, we call on everyone to treat this incident with more comfort and understanding, less verbal violence, more tolerance and understanding.

Indeed, when will cyber violence end? Keyboard men are standing on the dark moral commanding point, unscrupulously spray, no matter right or wrong, no matter the truth, is this really good? Haven't we learned the harm of cyber violence? Is it really right to make such improper comments on a Chinese who is still abroad?