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Netizen Hong Kong four seasons hotel elevator encounter LV Jiarong, not affected by "Cannes rub blan

Recently, Lu Jiarong, a straight girl actress in the entertainment circle, was met by passers-by at four seasons hotel in Hong Kong. She seems to be in a good mood. Combined with the recent 'Cannes carpet rubbing' disturbance, Lu Jiarong seems to have been unaffected. She has a good conversation with her friends, as if the red carpet incident had nothing to do with her. Netizen: good attitude!

When it comes to the "blanket rubbing" incident, the opening of the Cannes Film Festival in France this month seems to have the magic of "Butterfly Effect", which has put a lot of food into China's melon eaters. The topic of "Cannes red carpet 100000 for a trip" has quickly become a hot topic, and even brought with it a lot of carpet stars invited this year. It turns out that someone has revealed that they can get tickets for Cannes red carpet only by paying 100000 yuan, Having the qualification to take the international show, LV Jiarong responded immediately.

Lu Jiarong opened the "self explosion" mode for the first time, revealing that she had spent money on the red carpet, which many netizens never thought of. However, it is not difficult to see from her words that she still has a fresh memory of last year's red carpet, but she does not remember how much the "middleman" asked for. She is "very ashamed" of this.

Recently, in the four seasons hotel in Hong Kong, a passer-by took a picture of LV Jiarong. Wearing a casual suit and wearing a long coat, she looked down to play with her mobile phone while talking with her two friends. She was very relaxed and comfortable. Sometimes she went to the window to see the scenery, and sometimes she was waiting for the elevator door. It seemed that she was in a good mood.

Lu Jiarong's outspoken, true and unpretentious personality has always been an inherent impression of people in the circle, because there are too many carpet stars involved in the "Cannes carpet rubbing" incident, but few people stand up for "just" netizens or speak for themselves. Lu Jiarong said, "we are artists, Because I care too much about the aura on the surface and forget the sneering eyes of others, it's really honest and round.

In recent years, she has spent too much time in the cast, and she has little time to relax. Even after the hit of "execution sword", "life as if we met at the beginning" and "my nanny's Handbook", she has some rare holidays to travel and take a holiday. For the doubts and criticisms on the Internet, LV Jiarong has always been "herself", She would reply bravely when she saw the abuse without reason. She didn't like to swallow it. She was such a 'straight hearted'.

"Rubbing the carpet" can be said to be a very shameful word, but in LV Jiarong's view, what he has done will be admitted, and what he has not done will be denied. She did appear on the red carpet last year, but she was really amazing, attracting foreign media to come to interview, but what is unforgettable is her luxurious and beautiful court dress. Confident, sincere and optimistic, artists like LV Jiarong also save a fear of her vulnerability and injury!