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Shi Yufei's response to Cannes' question of rubbing the red carpet

Yesterday, Shi Yufei, a powerful actress in China, went on a hot search. Many large-scale actors pointed at her 'rubbing the red carpet', and her words were very sharp. The reason was only because of a picture of Shi Yufei face-to-face with the staff. In the picture, Shi Yufei stood with his head down in a dress, his skirt flying, and the staff dressed in black. They stood opposite each other, as if they were saying something, It's like saying nothing.

It was such a specious and ambiguous picture that caused criticism all over the Internet. Not only did the media look at the picture and speak with exaggerated headlines, but also many unidentified Internet users followed suit. All these made Shi Yufei, who is still abroad, feel powerless. Following the timeline of Shi Yufei's microblog, let's see how things happened, Shi Yufei forwarded the picture of airport street and left for Cannes International Film Festival.

On May 14, Shi Yufei was invited to attend the Cannes Film Festival and made an amazing appearance in a beautiful and elegant dress. He walked along the red carpet in accordance with the normal process, and the red carpet time was within the specified range. During the period, although some staff came forward, they left soon. After that, Shi Yufei watched the opening ceremony of Cannes Film Festival for nearly half an hour, The whole process of the activity was carried out according to the standard process of Cannes Film Festival. For Shi Yufei, it was a day of excitement, fullness, laughter and joy.

At noon on May 15, Shi Yufei tweeted: "in the early morning, before waking up, she was dragged out of bed by the staff. She told herself that she was still a little excited at the moment of hot search, but she was shocked to see that moment." later, she was a little excited and sent another post: "just take a photo screenshot to show that she would not leave, After you put on your make-up, you should take more beautiful selfies than my whole red carpet process'.

On May 16, the event continued to ferment. Paris fantasy of Yushan Paris officially issued a statement on the event of "Shi Yufei rubbing the red carpet": the actress, Ms. Shi Yufei, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in 2019 at the invitation of our French fashion magazine Yushan Paris. We are very sorry for the damage caused to Ms. Shi Yufei by the untrue and exaggerated reports of some media yesterday. As a member of the media, adhering to the principle of fairness and justice, we call on you to treat this incident with more comfort and understanding, less verbal violence, and more tolerance and understanding.

Shi Yufei then forwarded the microblog, saying: innocent people bear indescribable smear and cyber violence, only hope more people with independent thinking and dialectical thinking. At the same time, thank you for comforting me and supporting me all the time. I believe my friends, colleagues and fans. I'm not so easy to be defeated. Those who are clear will be clear. I also believe that many people will sort out the facts gradually.

Looking at the whole story, we can see that Shi Yufei is a free and easy, careless girl. She can say whatever she wants. She was invited to attend the Cannes Film Festival by French fashion magazine. The whole process is very beautiful. Why is it malicious speculation and deliberate distortion in the end? The staff may come forward to remind her to stand in the direction (need to face the camera in each direction). After all, there was a large group of media behind her at that time, which could not be photographed in the front.