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Shi Yufei was invited to attend Cannes Film Festival and was called "very distressed" by black fans

Recently, the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival opened in Cannes. In addition to movies, the red carpet in Cannes has attracted the most attention. Every red carpet is full of stars. The female stars are in full bloom. However, after the flash, there are many misunderstandings and suspicions in addition to praise and appreciation, Chinese actress Shi Yufei is like this.

Referring to Shi Fei, the first known woman was Wuyang, the beautiful and heroic heroine in the magic martial arts drama snow city. After that, she appeared in the honeymoon of love enemy, cage of time, quick gunmen, Kwai Jin, and the extension of Jubilee, and was nominated for the best supporting actress in the Shanghai International Film Festival, because she could not stay in love with her love story. With accumulation, works, acting skills and beauty, she is a powerful actress with unlimited potential.

At the Cannes Film Festival, Shi Yufei was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival in 2019 at the invitation of French fashion magazine Yushang Paris. It is understood that she also has a film to be officially released, and the film was originally intended to participate in the Cannes Film Festival with the creator, but it was cancelled for some reason. Even so, invited by the magazine to attend the Cannes Film Festival, Shi Yufei will shoot the magazine and give an interview.

The schedule was full and she set out in high spirits. On the day of the opening ceremony, Shi Yufei curled up her hair, dressed in a simple dress and walked on the red carpet gracefully. Facing the media all over the world, she was gentle, beautiful, noble and elegant, showing the style of Chinese actress. However, yesterday, the Internet launched the "attack black" mode for no reason. Just a picture of Shi Yufei face-to-face with the staff pointed to her "rubbing the red carpet"?

There is also a large-scale follow-up release, a time of public opinion one-sided query and accusation. French magazine Yushang Paris, which invited Shi Yufei to attend Cannes Film Festival, issued a statement to clarify the facts for Shi Yufei, and called on everyone to look at the incident with more comfort and understanding, less verbal violence, more tolerance and understanding. Shi Yufei then forwarded the microblog, saying: the clear is clear, I believe you will gradually clarify the facts.

However, netizens and fans who knew the truth left messages to clarify for her. Many of them even wrote directly on Weibo saying: 'I love shi Yufei very much,' and 'I feel aggrieved and want to shed tears for Shi Yufei'. Such a beautiful work journey should not be destroyed by internet violence!