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Cannes red carpet moves emerge in endlessly! LV Jiarong's royal style is the best

Recently, the 72nd Cannes Film Festival opened in France. The annual Cannes red carpet show gathered famous directors and actors at home and abroad. The female stars who competed in clothing, makeup, body and other aspects walked through the red carpet and left delicate shapes. A silent competition suddenly started.

Yesterday, # Cannes red carpet 100000 to go to a hot search, LV Jiarong micro blog said: see this topic, suddenly let myself feel very ashamed, this time last year I also stepped on the Cannes Film Festival train, I can't remember how much money the middleman asked me at that time, anyway, I finally successfully walked on the Cannes red carpet, at that time my heart was full of pride and joy. Now I think, sometimes we artists, because we care too much about the surface of the light bad, and forget the eyes of others ridicule, we always want to get more, but also lost a lot, I wish we can be the best of ourselves, simple and real!

No dead corner Face golden ratio body envies others

Looking back on the red carpet show in Cannes in previous years, mainland actor LV Jiarong's four sets of dresses were stunning, which were classic, intellectual, charming and sexy. The Queen's temperament was overwhelming and was praised as the best in the audience. Cannes red carpet embraces all kinds of beautiful women, and the "one mountain is higher than the other mountain" move is more eye-catching. The selection of dress and the collocation of makeup and hair have their own advantages, making people dazzled. LV Jiarong appeared on the red carpet with four sets of unique luxury dresses. The goddess's temperament instantly attracted the attention of all around and won the attention of the audience. The high priced custom-made Imperial Palace aristocratic dress has a Western classical romantic atmosphere. It has a unique upper body design and a full score of fluffy skirt. LV Jiarong's crown is smiling, her eyes are light and confident, and her 360 degree delicate white features make up a beautiful portrait.

Noble without losing elegance, luxury has style. LV Jiarong is known as the "No.1 Beauty of the Republic of China" on the screen. She has the fairy temperament of not eating people's fireworks. At Cannes Film Festival, she appeared in a low-key and high-profile fashion. She played the role of "Nine Tailed Fox" with a deep-sea blue dress "blue flame", which is amazing and dynamic. Her upper body design is sexy, and her lower body is as white and straight as an international model, The S-shaped figure is revealed, and LV Jiarong's "golden ratio" finally ignited the enthusiasm of foreign media.

LV Jiarong's collocation skill is powerful and charming

Lu Jiarong's appearance is three points and seven points. Her thick eyebrows, big eyes and high nose are her 'standard' appearance. She naturally shines on the red carpet. Her clothing is always praised as' high aesthetic '. The dark gray bra cake dress is gentle and grand. LV Jiarong shows her sexy clavicle. Her figure is symmetrical and can't be picked out. The layering of her lower body shows the gorgeous, delicate and fresh of the whole dress. After her hair is tied up, she shows her youth and vitality. Holding the same color bag, she completes the whole body color echo. This move is the strongest proof of her matching strength.

Cannes red carpet is never short of innovation and novelty, but many artists often stumble on the collocation of "free yourself". LV Jiarong's clothes are bright and creative, high-profile but modest. Her Western-style small coat and beige dress add another luster to her red carpet show. The gold series adds to her temperament. LV Jiarong's standing posture is elegant with her stiletto heels, and her sparkling Earrings become the finishing touch, showing a casual and aural attitude, Generous charming smile hidden in a pair of bright eyes, show the charm of freedom.