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LV Jiarong, the first actress to admit spending money on the red carpet in Cannes, should be renamed

Cannes red carpet has always been the focus of the media and netizens, and this year is no exception. In the past two days, there has been constant news about the red carpet shows of Chinese stars. It has been rumored that Cannes red carpet can walk with money, but it has always been a legend that no star comes out to admit it.

However, just today, LV Jiarong wrote on her microblog that she felt ashamed when she saw the topic of going to Cannes red carpet for 100000 yuan. This time last year, I also stepped on the train of Cannes Film Festival. I can't remember how much money the middleman asked me at that time. Anyway, I finally succeeded in walking on Cannes red carpet. At that time, my heart was full of pride and joy. Now I think, sometimes we artists, because we care too much about the surface of the light bad, and forget the eyes of others ridicule, we always want to get more, but also lost a lot, I wish we can be the best of ourselves, simple and real!

Between words, it not only confirmed the rumor that if you have money, you can walk on the red carpet, but also became the first Chinese female star who admitted to spending money to walk on the red carpet in Cannes. If you only look at LV Jiarong's microblog, although her words are bold, they are still to the point. She also admits the limitations of her previous recognition, which is very hard and brave.

Looking at LV Jiarong's microblog, you can find some content about the red carpet in Cannes. She has repeatedly forwarded photos of her appearance on the red carpet in Cannes, and many fashion microblog celebrities have highly appraised and affirmed her dress. It can be said that she is a popular actress in Cannes red carpet.

When it comes to LV Jiarong, many people will think of Yin Mingzhu in the hit TV series Jinxiuyuan Gorgeous Adventure, or princess Lu Yuan in beauty scheming, Blue Phoenix in xiaoaojiang, and min Hongyu in life as if we met at the beginning. Her past characterization is impressive, and her professional attitude towards the role and the work has been unanimously affirmed both inside and outside the industry.

With her outstanding acting skills and exquisite appearance, LV Jiarong has won the unanimous recognition of the audience. Her professionalism and super comprehension in the shooting of her works have made many people in the industry praise her. Her achievement in performing career is inseparable from her consistent conscientiousness, whether she is pondering over the role or understanding the script, Lu Jiarong fully shows the professional quality that a professional actor should have.

For LV Jiarong, 2017 is a year of leapfrogging and taking off. Not only the ratings and word-of-mouth of her works have all exploded, but also the new dramas have continued. LV Jiarong is widely known by netizens with many popular dramas. At the same time, LV Jiarong has won super high attention and popularity, and also carries more requirements and expectations for her.

In 2018, it's a lucky year for actor LV Jiarong. Before the end of the Spring Festival, four major TV dramas starred by LV Jiarong, such as "marriage in the beautiful scenery", "life as if we met at the same time", "the more lively the more energetic" and "execution sword", have been popular on the stars one after another. Not only that, this year, many major TV dramas starred by LV Jiarong, such as "the story of marriage", "adversity game", "the game of love", etc "Thunderbolt" and "if you can, never love you" will be broadcast. Are you looking forward to it?