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Lu Jiarong is really brilliant! In a word, immediately draw a clear line with other blanket stars, t

Microblog has become one of the sources of information about major events in the entertainment industry. The topic of "explosion" and "boiling" has caused a lot of netizens' verbal fights on the hot search. The recent Cannes Film Festival in France has once again aroused public discussion. The original topic of "you can walk on the red carpet for 100000 yuan" has surprised netizens, What else can't you think of in the entertainment industry?

It's also a scene of a wave of people pushing down the wall and a large number of keyboard men appearing in an instant. However, just as many carpet stars lie down and are shot, actor LV Jiarong startles netizens with a word of "divine operation" that distinguishes himself from others. " After the topic of "100000 trips to Cannes red carpet" became a hot topic, LV Jiarong immediately posted a note on her micro blog, saying that she once appeared on the red carpet last year, but she didn't remember how much money the middleman asked for at that time, and said that she was "very ashamed!"

It has to be said that although LV Jiarong is young, her EQ is still relatively high, and she even speaks wisely. A sentence like 'I was on the train of Cannes Film Festival this time last year' directly leads to the question of 'being invited' or 'buying tickets','anyway, I finally succeeded in walking on the red carpet', which also makes it impossible for netizens to get angry. OK, you've passed. What's the irony?

The threshold of walking on the red carpet is high or low. For the public, there is nothing wrong. To put it bluntly, as long as you amaze others on the red carpet, who cares how you walk up? Looking back at LV Jiarong's four dresses in Cannes last year, it's no exaggeration to say that they are more grand and luxurious than each other, which makes her own advantages of high appearance and good figure instantly captured by the camera, and the whole person becomes the focus of the night.

As soon as the golden western style Royal evening dress appeared, LV Jiarong's noble figure could not be ignored. She wore a glittering crown and a handbag of the same color, shining from beginning to end. Her upper body showed a good figure and her skirt was fluffy and textured, just like a princess married; There is also a bright dark blue dress, bid farewell to the dull atmosphere, LV Jiarong showed a pair of long legs, the whole set of charming dress to wear their own unique charm.

The third set of off shoulder light gauze cake skirt is more elegant and gentle. LV Jiarong is very confident and shows her clavicle in front of her chest. She has a calm and beautiful smile on her face. She looks energetic after her hair is tied up. The original skirt with low saturation color can also wear the effect of fairy! Finally, the small white gold coat is matched with a long skirt inside. She uses long earrings and thin high heels to neutralize the visual sense of weight bearing, making the whole look fresh and natural, which directly attracts the eyes of people around!

Lu Jiarong, who once conquered foreign media with her looks and clothes on the red carpet in Cannes, has also maintained her pursuit of fashion in her spare time. She has even won the title of "fashion lady" with her unique style in her modern works such as "a beautiful marriage", "the sword of execution" and "the more you live, the more energetic you are", She starred in the costume drama "life if we meet as before" and online drama "my nanny manual" also give people different styles of surprise.

Lu Jiarong, who yearns to be herself, has always been outspoken and fearless. The Cannes red carpet incident has proved her high EQ again. Many netizens have praised her after reading it: in a word, it's white and powerful! No wonder she has been rarely hacked in the entertainment industry for so many years. She has a good audience and popularity.