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Cannes red carpet price: 100000 yuan for a trip! LV Jiarong admits spending money to walk through (p

Every May is the opening day of Cannes Film Festival in France. Before the international influential Cannes Film Festival, the red carpet show is also a "eye-catching battle" that attracts the media's attention. Recently, the topic of "Cannes red carpet 100000 go once" on the microblog has risen rapidly. While the gourd eaters are rushing to watch, actor LV Jiarong has released a news, As one of the artists who walked the red carpet, he was filled with emotion.

Today, the red carpet in Cannes is no longer in the eyes of the public the kind of high-end party that ordinary people can't touch. Instead, it has gradually evolved into what netizens call "mob dancing". After being "clearly marked", all kinds of people can go to the station. It's no wonder that more and more people are "sour". However, if you can walk on the international red carpet for 100000 yuan, everyone will be happy, right?

Some people pursue the sense of existence among the masses, while others dream of winning glory for their country in front of the international stage. They believe that LV Jiarong belongs to the latter. At the Cannes Film Festival, she stepped on the red carpet in a royal court style dress, with a shining golden crown on her head, delicate feet, and elegant demeanor. Looking back on the moment when she stood in the middle of the red carpet and attracted much attention, LV Jiarong felt proud and proud that she was a Chinese and realized her dream of the red carpet.

Now, the hot topic of "100000 people go to Cannes red carpet" shows almost all the ridicule and appreciation of this year's artists. As one of the artists who have experienced the exciting show, LV Jiarong thinks she is "very ashamed" because she can't remember how much money she received last year, I am full of the pride and joy of walking on the red carpet.

As an artist, the most difficult thing is to bear rumors. Lu Jiarong's microblog text is sincere and honest: "sometimes we artists, because we care too much about the aura on the surface, forget the eyes of others' ridicule." we express our desire for success and the pursuit of dreams. Passers-by can even feel her small sense of honor and helplessness as a public figure.

To tell the truth, even ordinary people are difficult to do things, public figures are actually more difficult. With such a life attitude as' be yourself ', LV Jiarong has been consistent since her debut. She always hopes that' we can all be the best of ourselves, simple and real! " The wish is as good as the wish for 'world peace', but the reality is cruel, and the gossip is never controlled. Lu Jiarong, who is independent, clear-minded and unpretentious, is really worthy of fans' love!