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Real honest! Lu Jiarong admits spending money to walk on the red carpet of Cannes

Today, 100000 people went to the red carpet in Cannes, and she was hot searched. Lu Jiarong, a powerful mainland actress, wrote an article on her microblog, which aroused heated discussion. In the article, she admitted that she had spent money to walk through the red carpet in Cannes, and said: sometimes we artists, because we care too much about the surface light, forget the scorn of others. We always want to get more, but we also lose a lot, I wish we can be the best of ourselves, simple and real!

There is no such upright female artist. Let's take a look at the high-definition group pictures of her going to Cannes red carpet Festival last year. In the pictures, LV Jiarong is cute with her hair tied up, wearing a blue dress, revealing her long white legs and a long tail. Her overall shape looks like a 'Nine Tailed Fox', becoming a unique and beautiful scenery on Cannes red carpet.