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LV Jiarong claims to have spent a lot of money on the red carpet in Cannes

Today, the media reported that the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival was "clearly priced". As soon as the topic came out, it was a hot search. Lu Jiarong, a powerful female artist from the mainland, wrote an article about this incident. She said that at that time, she was very concerned about the surface aura. When she stood on the red carpet, she was' full of pride and joy ', but she forgot to remember the taunting eyes of others. A netizen left a message saying: 'this elder sister really dares to tell the truth'.

In the camera, she is wearing a shoulder cake dress, which shows her graceful and elegant temperament. She performs a beautiful clavicle killing. With a small handbag, she is exquisitely shaped, and her graceful body curve is fully interpreted. She is dressed up as a fairy.