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Chen Weiting shows up at the Asian Cultural Carnival to witness the exchanges and mutual learning of

Recently, as a performing guest, Chen Weiting attended the "Asian Culture Carnival" and appeared at the National Stadium "bird's nest" to open the Showtime! On the day of the event, Chen Weiting appeared in a red suit, calm, natural and handsome.

The theme of the Asian Cultural Carnival is "youth Carnival realizing the Asian dream", which is presented in the form of artistic performance and youth get-together of Asian countries. As the largest activity since the establishment of CCTV, it aims to show the unique charm of Asian civilization and the great splendor of Chinese civilization, and promote the integration and interaction between Asian civilization and world civilization through colorful and diversified art presentation, brand-new dance art technology, and wonderful performances and interaction between Chinese and foreign artists and young people.

During the activity, Chen Weiting, who is good at singing and dancing, lit the stage with an infectious performance, performed "youth Asia" on the spot, presenting the exchange and fusion of civilizations of various countries, the spontaneous dance steps and vitality, carrying the beautiful wish for Asian culture with notes, witnessing the international event of cultural mutual learning with his motherland, and sharing the light of cultural blending.