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Multi habitat development? 101 girl Zhang Xinlei revealed to record new songs

On May 15, Zhang Xinlei's agent, the '101 girl', revealed Zhang Xinlei's studio work photo in his circle of friends, with an accompanying text: 'spoiler', suspected to be recording a new song for her. On that day, Zhang Xinlei was wearing loose jeans and a purple slim T-shirt, which made him look energetic.

Zhang Xinlei himself also posted the studio's work photos on his microblog, and wrote 'the weather is so suitable for going out for a walk! When I came out to work today, I recorded a lot of small videos. I'm going to cut them into vlog for you to see. "

Fans also interact with each other: "you are so beautiful today" and "when will vlog come out? I'm looking forward to it.".

Through the accumulation in 2018, Zhang Xinlei will enter the entertainment industry in 2019. First, he played the role of Reporter Lin Ke in the movie room 7, and then sang the theme song for the popular online drama wait a minute, my youth. Then, he was invited by the brand to watch the first line of Seoul Fashion week. This time, there will be new music works coming out. The determination of fashion Xiaohua to make a dash in the entertainment circle can be seen.

In addition to filming a single, Zhang Xinlei still insists on live broadcasting in Momo. When there was no announcement, she would interact with her fans in the live room every night, and the fans called her 'Zhang Yiyi'. When it comes to live broadcasting, Zhang Xinlei once said: "every fan in the live broadcasting room is very important to me, and their existence is the driving force for me to move forward. Sometimes, whether it's happy or troublesome, I like to communicate with you in the live broadcasting room.".