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First EP Divine Comedy of yef

Young energy f (hereinafter referred to as yef), a crew group composed of popular rappers Wang Yi, Lin Yuzhi, ye Ziming and Shen Qunfeng in "youth has you", returned to the public view with its first EP of the same name, officially starting the four teenagers' dream journey. With the skillful singing and charming timbre of the four members, accompanied by the burst of mechanical rhythm, many listeners said: all members of yef are potential stocks! Never regret entering the pit! The two new songs are the first works of cooperation after the formation of the group. The lyrics express the members' belief that they should firmly dream and bravely move forward in the face of impetuous society.

From participating together to forming a team to be a member of yef, the members have cultivated a very high tacit understanding through long-time interaction. They are both excellent creative rappers. The members of the strong alliance have shown a high degree of enthusiasm for the first time to form a new EP, and the degree of dedication can be seen. EP includes two included Songs: "take it slow" and "gold chain". The whole EP releases the unlimited potential of yef. Both of the two included songs have extremely ear catching brainwashing melody. In the current phenomenon of the popularity of brainwashing Divine Comedy, the two songs seize the essence and have great personality. The lyrics full of profound meaning also lead us to find emotional resonance, Find the original intention and courage of youth struggle.

The whole EP of "youth energy f" focuses on the style of EDM + hippop + real. Among them, "take it slow" is a song that expresses the dream of constantly working hard to achieve the goal and become the strongest one. The lyric part tries to tell the story of the journey through simple words. The fearlessness of challenges, the restart of new goals in life, and the guilt and self-confidence attitude towards family members are all written in the lyrics one by one: "you see, I can control any style, open my mouth to create beautiful sentences", "my posture never needs disguise, erodes from the south to the North", "I'm not tired with the team back-to-back", "tears appear in my mother's eyes", Toxic melody and just right flow, catchy lyrics, no pressure to sing. The different voice lines and sound quality of the four members are perfectly integrated through ingenious rhythmic design. The unique style of the song exudes the domineering and excellent strength and courage of the four new people for the future.

Another song "gold chain" is a song destined to burst the soul of the group. It continues the style of the whole album. The members are full of brotherhood and break the hypocrisy of the world. They should show different 'different accompaniment, different rhythm and different feel in the lyrics with the most real and passionate attitude, Only when brothers are together can we have a better flow. We are here again to become legends. Now the order of assembly has been sounded. I have seen through all the storms and waves of this journey. I will never allow myself to be lazy if I am too strong. Come on, let's bring my parents to a new home and do a good job. Don't compare with anyone. Four hot blooded youths of that year, Every word sings out the passion and desire for the future. Four different members have the same dream. The words hidden in time are revealed between the lines. Following the rhythm of the explosion, the audience unconsciously swayed with the members, and their blood was boiling, as if they were brought back to those exciting and moving moments.

Just for this moment, Wang Yi, Lin Yuzhi, ye Ziming and Shen Qunfeng are ready to go, just like the lyrics: "I promise that it's my duty to do my best" and "watch me turn my dream into reality". Chasing dreams, teenagers are always on the road.