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Su Qing's overseas travel film shows the fashion of early summer

Recently, actor Su Qing in Milan shot a group of big film exposure. In the photo, she was wearing a color block knitted jacket with high waist jeans, which perfectly highlighted her good figure. The off shoulder style of the jacket adds a little bit of sexy and modern texture at the same time; The tassel design at the cuff and bottom increases the flexibility and lightness of the clothes; Bright pink shoulder bag makes the whole look atmospheric and monotonous. In the face of the camera, she sometimes holds her cheek to meditate, and her confused and lazy eyes are full of stories, which makes her heart beat; And sometimes a bright smile, clear eyes, warm sunshine, exude affinity temperament; Each posture is generous and easy, and it exudes elegance, firmly attracts everyone's attention, and is full of the beautiful atmosphere of summer.