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"Hello, my friend" ends perfectly

Mango TV's first domestic inspirational drama of youth speculation "Hello, the other party's debater" successfully ended yesterday. Since its broadcast, the play has attracted much attention. It has been widely praised for its positive energy, the growth path of college students, and the debate topic of criticizing current social problems《 Hello, debater is based on a true youth story. It uses real debaters to perform at the scene of the debate, showing college students' high spirited spirit and real life conditions. It also makes many audiences sigh that they have "gone back to the road of youth" and seen themselves in those years.

Actor Du Shuangyu plays the role of Xie Keman, an expert in electronic competition, in "Hello, debater". In the play, Xie Keman's love for E-sports is opposed by his father. In order to prevent his son from participating in the competition, sheckman's father locked him in. With the help of Bai Yu and Yi Xiaoxi, Xie Keman's father finally opens his heart, revealing a truth that has been hidden for many years. It turned out that Xie Keman's father was also an E-sports player when he was young. At that time, E-sports was regarded as not doing his job properly, so Xie Keman's mother left them. Fortunately, in the end, the father and son reconcile, and sherkman can continue his dream. Du Shuangyu's performance makes the role of Xie Keman more full and three-dimensional, showing the positive image of contemporary college students who are persistent in their dreams and full of positive energy.

In addition, Du Shuangyu, together with Zhang Yunlong and Zhang Junning, played in the urban light fantasy drama "my Poseidon" last week. With the young audience as the core, the play dares to pay attention to the fate of human beings and advocate environmental protection. The positive energy and influence of the content of the play have become an important factor in its wide attention and popularity. Du Shuangyu plays Dong Zilong in the play. Dong Zilong used to be a researcher guarding the blue ocean. He was seriously injured in an accident. Even so, he still kept his original intention and carried on the work of guarding the ocean to the end. Under the mold of Du Shuangyu, Dong Zilong is serious, but also cute and funny. His rival play with Zhang Yunlong has gained a lot of praise.

Since his debut, Du Shuangyu has created many vivid characters. I hope Du Shuangyu can bring us more good works and wish Du Shuangyu a better tomorrow.