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Fake Princess: the most counter routine in the history of the grand launch

Tianchong ancient costume romantic comedy "fake Princess", jointly produced by Jiangsu Huofeng Liaoyuan Film Co., Ltd., Shangxiang Entertainment Co., Ltd., duole Film Co., Ltd. and Zongheng literature Co., Ltd., held a grand opening ceremony in Hengdian, Zhejiang Province today. Director Qin Zhen, chief producer Jiang Yi, together with new generation actors Zhao Yiqin, Li Kaixin, Jinze, Chen Siyu, Wang Yitian, song Fangyuan, Wang Jiameng, sun Xuening, Wang Yitian, song Fangyuan Shao Jia and others attended, and this was the first gathering of the main creative team, with a warm atmosphere.

He is a man of power, a man of love; Smash mask, leopard breed

"Fake Princess" is a love series full of youth flavor, which is adapted from the novel of the same name by the popular youth writer Shui Sheng, who is now the contract author of the vertical and horizontal literature Huayu girl network. "Fake Princess" has been serialized on Huayu girl network since June 2014 and ended in October 2015, with a total of 599 chapters. It is a popular sweet favorite novel of Zongheng literature, which has long occupied the top of the popularity list on the website.

The play tells the story of a free and uninhibited female mountain bandit who marries the prince as a chess piece. After being humiliated and framed by political tactics, the heroine feels that she is out of tune with the world of routine. She was forced to grow into a powerful leopard queen as soon as she entered the palace. During that time, she even abandoned the prince who was deeply disappointed in human nature. The natural and unrestrained spirit and the deep and broad pattern are admirable. At the same time, the crown prince tried to keep abreast of the world, but he almost lost his life and status for several times. He was gradually attracted by the lively character of the female leader. Two people with different purposes wore masks to warm each other, comfort and support each other, cut through the thorns together, and finally stood at the peak of power and held each other's hands.

High quality story core, strength team, ingenuity to build

The drama has a wide audience, a keen market insight, and the original work has a great advantage. The story line is fascinating and the characters are full of vitality. It is the ancient version of "meteor garden" of Machiavellism: when you marry a "mountain vegetable" (a rookie in the mountains) and enter the palace, you meet a cold faced, scheming and unsettling "stealing Mingsi" (the prince who fights openly and secretly), and you turn abuse into love; It's a female mountain bandit's counter attack version of "strategy for Yanxi": fighting for power and unwilling to be humiliated, he conquered Donggong and finally won the title of "ten li red makeup"; It's a funny version of Tiansheng's long song: it's a mistake between yin and Yang, plotting against the stupidest political enemy, taking possession of the reserve, revenge for the mother, the longest way for princes is always the emperor's routine!

In addition to the wonderful plot, the core idea of the play is positive, and the depth of the level and plot design are different from other ancient sweet favorite plays, which has become one of the great advantages of the play. At the same time, the main creative team of the play provides a quality guarantee for the play. The creation and shooting of "fake Princess" not only strive for perfection in theme and scene layout, but also in the aspects of screenplay, such as director Qin Zhen (once directed the movie "two-way", Youku customized fashion online drama "when she is in love", etc.), screenwriter Jia Liyi (representative work "suddenly this summer", etc.) There are many bright points and creative ideas in the presentation of lines. Photography director Li Zhihao (representative works "sparrow", "Zhuxian Qingyun Zhi", "Datang glory" and so on) shows originality in shooting techniques. He has spent a lot of effort on clothing modeling to integrate into the work itself. The whole play holds high aesthetic, high requirements and new breakthrough creative ideas in photography, lighting, art and modeling.

In terms of the most expected actors, Zhao Yiqin, the outstanding young actor who plays the leading actor Prince Li Che, has outstanding appearance and is very suitable for people's settings. With LAN Tianye in the TV series "wait a minute, my youth", Zhao Yiqin has captured many fans, and his acting skills and appearance are well recognized by the audience. Li Kaixin, who plays No.1 female Changle (Liu Yuyao), has a sweet appearance and is popular all the way. She has an excellent performance in the TV series "the story of herding clouds on the sea". Her professionalism and acting skills have been widely recognized and left a deep impression on the audience. At present, the super online drama "my Poseidon" starring No.1 female is being popular on Mango TV, with unlimited potential.

"Fake Princess" has officially started shooting on May 15, 2019, and is expected to meet the audience in October 2019. It is the most anticipated high-quality online drama in the second half of the year.