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Guan Zhibin's "meet the Lord of the Palace 2" concludes with philosophy

Yesterday, the anti routine hot-blooded martial arts drama "meet the Lord of the Palace 2", CO starred by Guan Zhibin and sun Xuening, ended in Sohu Video. This 2019 divine drama, which is famous for its hilarity and nonsense, has brought joy to many audiences, and behind the plot, there is also rich philosophy of life. On the closing night, Qin Zhan, played by Guan Zhibin, conveys the theme of the film with his own epiphany. Many netizens praise the film one after another, saying that "you laugh and cry, you cry and you understand". Many audiences are looking forward to the third film.

Qin Jian saves the game world and returns to modern times

In last night's ending plot, Qin Zhan (Guan Zhibin) under the guidance of the landlord and others, has an insight into the original intention of the game, and at the same time obtains many new skills to fight against Qingxue. In the face of powerful martial arts demon Qingxue, Qin Zhan can't do his best in the game duel between them. At the critical moment, Yuchen (sun Xuening) makes a move and finally wins. They bid farewell to Wang Zai and Xiao Nai and went back to the real world. They thought that the ending was just right. When Xiao Nai woke up, he said, 'do you think this is the end of it?', which once again caused an uproar among the audience, saying that the ending is not simple and looking forward to the next season's palace master.

Qin Jian's insight into the true meaning of the game

Since the launch of "meet the Lord of the Palace 2", many viewers mistakenly think that the plot of the play is crazy, just to win attention. They often can't detect the real intention of the film in a piece of music. In the end, Qin zhanyijiao, played by Guan Zhibin, suddenly realized in his thinking that "the win or lose of the game is not important. The most important thing is the people who play the game together. This is the original intention of the game." This made many audiences suddenly realize that the director used Qin's words to express that the game is interesting, but he should not lose himself. The philosophy implied in his laughter made netizens have to praise and support it. In an interview with Guan Zhibin, he also said that the play is not only novel in theme, but also worth looking forward to in the end. Guan Zhibin's breakthrough performance in the play was also highly praised, and became a candidate for many audiences to continue to support the third film.

The play "meet the Lord of the Palace 2" makes many game lovers enjoy themselves and gradually guide them in the right direction. It also makes Guan Zhibin, who plays Xiaobai, gain new skills and break through new development. It is reported that Guan Zhibin is in the intense shooting of "war drugs" crew, and his works to be broadcasted, such as Hibiscus on the West and fallen flowers, will meet with the audience one after another, with a new ending and a new beginning. We look forward to more wonderful performances of Guan Zhibin in the future!