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The movie "Feifan memory" is popular. Siqin Gaoli incarnates Zhang Lanxin to experience the Office

Recently, directed by Tian Zhong and starring Zhang Yi, Li Jiaming, Bao Jianfeng, Liang Youlin, Siqin Gaoli and Jiarong, the urban fantasy love comedy "Feifan memory" is on the air. Among them, Zhang Lanxin, a guest star of Siqin Gaoli, impressed many audiences with her superb acting skills.

In the film, Zhang Lanxin, who is played by Siqin Gaoli, is a senior working woman. Compared with traditional women, working women face greater pressure and are more likely to experience all kinds of 'overt and covert fights' in the workplace. Zhang Lanxin has experienced such' office storm '. Because a business trip with a male colleague was misunderstood not only by his lover, but also by the people in the same office. In the face of such a situation, we should also keep working state and be independent. As a key clue figure related to the development of the whole plot, the role played by Siqin Gaoli is commendable, which makes people remember the role unconsciously.

It is reported that the modern legendary TV series "one word nine tripods", starring by Siqin Gaoli, is being broadcast in Chongqing film and television channel. In addition, the ancient costume light comedy "fireworks kitchen in the world" will soon be launched in the summer. What kind of surprise will the ancient costume star give to the audience? Let's wait and see.