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Xu Dongdong drives traffic and word-of-mouth, and the promotion of "the first sister of Netcom" can'

In recent years, with the increase in the number of online dramas and big movies, many young actors with strong strength have sprouted in the performing arts industry, and more and more good scripts and actors have found a bright spot on the Internet platform. " Yu sin, the founder of online drama, has opened up a new mode for viewers to watch the drama online. Xu Dongdong, who plays Shen Jiawen, the sister-in-law, is one of the most popular actors. Many of his online TV dramas are loved by the public, and he has won the title of "the first sister of online drama";

In 2016, a film of "Yu sin" was born, which exploded the whole network. Xu Dongdong's "sister-in-law" in the play really brightened people's eyes. The audience could not forget her gentle and beautiful posture with dark belly. Her superb acting skills not only won praise, but also became a highlight of the play;

With a Douban score of 8.9, Yu sin almost made the stars overnight popular. Xu Dongdong began to have a rising popularity. In December of the next year, she brought another big online movie called "sister-in-law", also called "sister-in-law". Zuo LAN, who played in the movie, had a ups and downs life experience and a stubborn heart, and once again won the audience's love. Finally, "sister-in-law" won 21.924 million yuan, A total of 7.308 million people attended the film, with remarkable achievements;

If Xu Dongdong's acting in "sister-in-law" is not satisfying, then "Di Renjie's lethal eye" is a new round of evidence for her strength. After the film was released in July 2018, Wu Zetian, played by Xu Dongdong, has refreshed the audience's aesthetic and evaluation, and her majestic demeanor and arrogance are fully displayed in her, After 92 days of online hot screening, Xu Dongdong made a box office success of 32.52 million yuan;

Compared with cinema movies, online movies have the advantages of low shooting cost and short shooting time. If there are high popularity and powerful actors, they will increase their chips. Xu Dongdong, who once contributed to the soaring box office number of online movies such as "sister-in-law" and "Di Renjie", has performed well in many online works, Step by step, he was put on the throne of "the first sister of the Internet University.";

Last year, in the comedy Theater Movie "the richest man in Xihong city", Xu Dongdong once again subverted the role of 'Lengmeng silly elder sister' Sasha, 'shaking her head and braiding her hair' and 'climbing the table to tempt her to fall' and all of them hit the audience's laughs. Finally, the film won 2.587 billion at the box office, and Xu Dongdong became a powerful comedy goddess that can't be underestimated;

Xu Dongdong is not only the box office elixir of online film and television, but also an excellent actor who has a goal, is willing to work hard and knows how to grasp the opportunity. After several box office miracles of netuniversity films, this post-90s young girl is no longer despised by others. Her powerful power to drive traffic and reputation makes people have reason to believe that Xu Dongdong is absolutely worthy of the name!