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"I only like you" Zhao Zhiwei can be warm, can be provocative, brother Li and boyfriend Li can be cr

The Youth Drama "I only like you", starring Wu Qian, Zhang Yujian, Zhao Zhiwei, Ma Li and an Ge, is now popular on Tencent. At present, the show's broadcast volume has exceeded 560 million, with a Douban score of 7.5. The experience of the protagonists from campus to society has aroused the audience's resonance, and the story of Gao Tian's cure has set off a follow-up drama frenzy again. Zhao Zhiwei, who plays Zhao Guanchao, the elder brother of Qiao Yi, has been warmly liked by the audience since the start of the play. Topics related to Zhao Zhiwei have been on the hot search list, becoming one of the most popular characters in the play.

Zhao Guanchao, who is played by Zhao Zhiwei, is a superficial, casual and idle person, but in fact, he is delicate, warm and responsible. He values his family and family. He is not only a great brother whose younger sister is the bottom line, but also the glue and pistachio of a family of four. When his stepfather was paralyzed in a car accident, Guanchao did not hesitate to take care of everything as his eldest son; When my sister was sad and crying, she accompanied me silently and enlightened me carefully. The sentence 'we just met the red light temporarily' warmed my heart and cured me. In addition to the relationship between brother and sister, Zhao Guanchao's and Hao Wuyi's love drama has always touched people's hearts, transcending the hazy love of high school. Last week, their drunken kiss at the warm house party ignited social media. Zhao Guanchao's and Hao Wuyi's quickly hit the hot search list. Zhao Zhiwei's sultry and provocative kiss drama aroused the audience's heartthrob.

Zhao Zhiwei, through his vivid performance, switches back and forth between pet sister crazy devil and tease sister talent, warm, cute, funny, tease, Su, Shuai & hellip& hellip; All kinds of charms show. Brother Li and boyfriend Li Qi go to battle. Netizens leave messages one after another, saying: "if you can't be Zhao Guanchao's sister, you can be his girlfriend!", With excellent shaping power, there are countless fans in the circle. Zhao Zhiwei has always been attentive to the role he plays, striving for perfection in every detail, from lines to expressions, from actions to shapes. It is from his love and respect for performance that Zhao Zhiwei, who has been on the stage for three years, has created many classic characters, such as Gu Zhi in the final class 4, Gong sun Qian in assassin biography, Zhang Ruochen in blue 50 meters, and Zhang Qiling in love apartment.

It is reported that in this week's "I only like you", Hao Chao's feelings are tested again. Hao Wuyi is suspected to be pregnant. As a child, he was affected by the divorce of his parents in his original family. What choice will Zhao Guanchao make if he doesn't have the word "marriage" in his life? Please lock in 20:00 every Monday, Tencent, Youku hit "I only like you" it!