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Shi Shi's fashion blockbuster releases extreme color and charming Charm

Recently, Shi Shi has shot a series of fashion blockbusters for "bazaar jewelry". The ultimate color is bold and avant-garde, with full visual impact. In the photo, Shi Shi is wearing a wine red velvet officer jacket with a satin cashmere black shirt, decorated with gorgeous jewelry to show her cool temperament; In another group of photos, Shi Shi is in a warm orange background, wearing a lace jacket of the same color and staring at the camera. Her eyes are cold and blurred; With a change of painting style, Shi Shi wears a pink cornice hat with a color matching coat. Her messy curly hair outlines the delicate side face with clear water chestnut. Her eyes reveal calm and firm. She can easily control many sets of looks and release charming charm.

At present, Shi Shi is working with Haiqing and Renzhong in Ningbo to shoot a new drama sweet, in which she plays Yu Yangyang. It is understood that Shi Shi's new plays "secret and great", "the lion's reflection of the cat", films "journey" and "fast forward" will soon meet with you. We hope Shi Shi will bring more excellent works to the audience.